Confession time: I like kombucha, spend too much money on coconut water and, yes, I eat avocado toast. You can roll your eyes and I’ll understand, but of all my eye-roll-worthy foodie vices, avocado toast is my least embarrassing because it’s delicious, quick, and healthy. And the kids like it, too. Though I promise not to share pictures of my avocado toast (oh, Instagram), I will continue to eat it—but not without varying it up every once and a while.

If you’re sick of avocado toast, never liked it in the first place, or are just looking for new ways to top your toast so that it’s just as delicious, nutritious and easy, these ideas will hit the spot. They’re perfect for breakfast, lunch, or snack time, and I think the kids will like them, too. Bonus: even the ones who aren’t into avocado toast.

Top: 5 easy and creative breakfast toasts | Hot Beauty Health

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Over at Hot Beauty Health, they’ve listed a bunch of ideas for breakfast toasts (pictured top), each as delicious as the next. I love how adaptable the basic how-to is, using cream cheese or ricotta as a base spread. The ideas from there are endless. Of their delicious combinations, I’m partial to ricotta, banana, honey, cinnamon, and chopped almonds. Perfect!


Who needs avocado toast when you can have this Muesli Toast with Labneh, Hazelnuts and Honey (which is fancy for Greek-style yogurt, any nuts & honey!) | Bon Appetit

Muesli Toast with Labneh, Hazelnuts, and Honey | Photo by Peden + Munk for Bon Appetit 

This Muesli Toast with Labneh, Hazelnuts, and Honey at Bon Appetit is gorgeous—and not nearly as fancy or hard to make as it sounds. You can use any bread you have on hand, though a hearty multi-grain will be particularly delicious, and substitute Greek-style yogurt for Labneh (which is a Labenese yogurt). Don’t have hazelnuts? Use whatever nuts you have on hand, but don’t skip the honey. This hearty bite makes a fab breakfast, though I’d happily eat this every day with my 3 o’clock cup of tea.


Forget cream cheese! Use protein-rich cottage cheese to top your toast along with pineapple and cashews. | BuzzFeed

Pineapple, Cottage Cheese & Cashew Toast | Photo by Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed

Ricotta and cream cheese are go-to toast spreads, but I love the idea of cottage cheese toast, too. Of course! Spread the protein-packed cheese on top of a piece of hearty bread and top with fresh pineapple and cashews the way Tashween did over at BuzzFeed for a delicious treat that will energize you, too.

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Top Cinnamon Raisin Toast with Coconut Butter and Bananas for a perfect quick breakfast or snack | Shutterbean

I have fallen in love with coconut butter, which is coconut oil blended with coconut meat, for adding to smoothies and spreading on, you guessed it, toast. While coconut butter is great on any kind of toast, I especially love this simple combination of Cinnamon Raisin Toast with Banana and Coconut Butter at Shutterbean. Can you think of a more perfect snack? Me either.


Swap out avocado for asparagus to make this Balsamic Asparagus Hummus Toast | Toaster Oven Love

If you’re looking for an avocado toast substitute at lunch time, try this Balsamic Asparagus and Hummus Toast at Toaster Oven Love. Make balsamic roasted asparagus for dinner and set some aside to make this tasty, toasty lunch the next day. In fact, I think nearly any roasted veggies will do. And if you’re packing it on the go (or you want to keep this vegan), don’t worry about melting the cheese on top—it will be delicious even without.