It’s right about this time of year that I think I may never turn my oven on again. It’s just too hot. But lest you think that means I’m giving up cake, I found seven amazing no-bake summer cake recipes (and one pie!) that make me wonder if it really is possible to skip the oven…forever.

Ask me again come the winter holidays. For now, though, I’m all about these delicious no-bake desserts.

Top: Honey Roasted Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie | Love and Olive Oil 

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Easy no bake cake recipes for a no oven summer: Meyer Lemon Thyme Icebox Cake at She Wears Many Hats

 Meyer Lemon Thyme Icebox Cake | She Wears Many Hats 

Two summers ago we went on the search for super easy no-bake desserts and found this stunning Meyer Lemon Thyme Icebox Cake at She Wears Many Hats. The recipe calls for a specific lemon cookie, but if you can’t find it, Rebecca makes an easy-to-find alternative suggestion in our post.


No-bake cake recipes for a no-oven summer: S'mores Ice Cream Cake at Annie's Eats

How fantastic is this S’mores Ice Cream Cake at Annie’s Eats? The recipe calls for a (very simple) homemade ice cream, but I’m tempted to mix softened store-bought vanilla with some marshmallow cream, then re-freeze it in cake. I haven’t tested my idea, so I can’t say it’ll work for sure, but this recipe is worth finding out.


Fantastic no-bake cake recipes: No-Bake Peanut Butter Banana Pie at Love and Olive Oil

Okay, so technically this is a no-bake pie, but how could I leave it out? This Honey Roasted Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie at Love and Olive Oil is proof that desserts don’t need heat to be spectacular. Whip our your blender and get to work on this thing of beauty.

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Our favorite no-bake summer cake recipes: A DIY Ice Cream Cake that uses a genius store-bought shortcut | Cool Mom Eats

If it’s ice cream cake you’re craving, our no-bake DIY Ice Cream Cake version makes use of a genius shortcut. This is a recipe you need in your back pocket. Delicious and so, so easy. In fact, you can hand the recipe over to the kids and have them get to work on dessert.


What could be better on a hot summer night than a no-bake dessert like this Ice Cream Pizza at Recipe Rebel? We can't think of a thing!

 Ice Cream Dessert Pizza | The Recipe Rebel

This Ice Cream Dessert Pizza at Recipe Rebel that we found while looking for no-bake dessert recipes last summer is super fun — and not just because she calls it pizza (though that helps!). My kids would love this. In fact, it’s pretty fun for an easy summer birthday treat.


We couldn't leave this Miami Vice No Bake Cheesecake off of our list of fantastic no-bake cake recipes for summer | Grandbaby Cakes

recipeThis recipe for Miami Vice No Bake Cheesecake at Grandbaby Cakes had me at Miami Vice because, hello, I grew up in the 1980’s! I mean, seriously, could this be more fun? The colors are spot on and I won’t complain about the pineapple and coconut flavor combo either.

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The ultimate no-bake cake recipe: Snickers Icebox Cake at Bakers Royale

Alright, I saved the most complicated — and arguable the most mouthwatering — for last. Snickers are my favorite candy bar, so you can imagine how eager I am to try this no-bake Snickers Cake at Bakers Royale. But let’s not get it twisted: This cake is a bit of work and even requires some stove top heat. BUT…it’s a special occasion cake that doesn’t need the oven and rivals any buttercream-covered baked confection. It’s my birthday week, so I know.