If you live in the United States, I can’t imagine that you haven’t heard that a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse is happening tomorrow, August 21. And if are anything like me, you barely got your hands on solar eclipse glasses (mine arrived yesterday, phew). So all those gorgeous galaxy mirror cakes and galaxy macarons that I’m seeing on Instagram? Not so much. Instead, fellow procrastinators, I found fun solar eclipse treats that are super easy to make. Because last minute.

Plus, with everyone looking up into the sky — and the fact that it’ll be morning in a lot of places — I think the kids will hardly notice that these treats are a little more homespun.

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Easy solar eclipse recipes for last minute fun! Eclipse Cookies by Oh Sugar Events

These Moon Cookies by Oh Sugar Events were up for sale, but I say that you can make them yourself. Well, at least the star shaped ones. Just follow your favorite cut-out sugar cookie dough and royal icing recipes — or follow this well-reviewed recipe for Buttery Cut-Out Sugar Cookies with Icing that Hardens — and use a star-shaped cookie cutter and yellow food dye to make it happen. You got this!


Easy solar eclipse recipes for last minute fun: American Eclipse Cookies at Sky at Night Magazine

These U.S. Eclipse Cookies at Sky at Night Magazine are easier if, like me, you don’t love working with royal icing, but they do take a bit of time. The recipe and method are simple, though you have to make two separate doughs and cut them out at all different angles. If you have older kids who are willing to help, though, the time you invest will pay off — because so cool!


Easy solar eclipse cookies recipe for last-minute fun | Community Table

These easiest of all the cookies I found are these Solar Eclipse Cookies at Community Table. First off, the recipe calls for packaged sugar cookie dough, so it’s already winning. And the icing isn’t just easy to make, but it’s easy to use, too, for a crafty look that’s right up my alley.

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Easy solar eclipse treats for last-minute fun: Galaxy Rice Krispies Treats at Kraft

Keep things entirely no-bake with these Galaxy Marshmallow Rice Krispies Treats at Kraft (above & top). It’s the same basic recipe you know and love, with some gel colors mixed in. You can even have the kids make these on their own.


Easy solar eclipse treats for last-minute fun: Galaxy Popcorn at Raising Whasians

Want another easy, no-bake treat? Try this Galaxy Popcorn at Raising Whasians. With all that artificially colored candy melts (hey, everything in moderation), you might want to keep the popcorn more wholesome with our super easy DIY microwave popcorn recipe that skips all the chemicals you find in the store-bought kind.


Easy solar eclipse treats for last-minute fun: Galaxy Bark at MomDot

The Galaxy Bark recipe at MomDot is another easy one that you can make for or with the kids. If you don’t have edible glitter (ha!) or can’t find it at the last minute at your local craft store or a nearby Michael’s, this works just as well without it. Again: This is going to go down fast while the kids are mostly looking up.

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Easy solar eclipse recipes for last-minute fun: No-Churn Galaxy Ice Cream at The Flavor Bender

This No-Churn Galaxy Ice Cream at The Flavor Bender is my favorite of all the recipes. It can be made as written without any artificial colors, though you probably don’t have some of the ingredients that Dini uses to naturally color hers. If that’s the case, you might want to pull out some easily found artificial colors — but only use what you have to. The rest is so easy! And that black magic shell on top? Genius.