Longtime CME readers know that we never miss an opportunity to feature Star Wars recipes and today, Force Friday, is no exception. To mark the day in the only way that we know how — and feel is right — we’ve rounded up the best and cutest Star Wars treats the internet has to offer. And they’re all easy to make, too, because who can waste time in the kitchen when the galaxy needs saving?

Top: Princess Leia Cupcakes | Just Jenn Recipes

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Star Wars recipes for Force Friday: Princess Leia Oreo Truffles at The Cookie Rookie

On May the Fourth, Caroline rounded up 7 Star Wars treats fit for a Jedi, including my all-time favorite Star Wars recipe, the Princess Leia Oreo Truffles at The Cookie Rookie. If you’re looking for something even easier — or you just have a wookiee fan in the house — be sure to click over to the whole round up to peep the Star Wars Wookiee Granola bars. So cute!


Star Wars recipes for Force Friday! Easy Stormtrooper Snacks at Scrap Shoppe blog

Special days like today and May the Fourth aside, Star Wars-themed parties happen all year around, which is why you should bookmark these easy Star Wars party snacks, which include the Princess Leia cupcakes above. Even if you don’t make a special treat today, you’ll want these recipes one day, I promise. That said…can you resist pulling the kids into the kitchen today to make these Easy Stormtrooper Pretzel Snacks at the Scrap Shoppe blog? The force is strong with this one.


Star Wars recipes for Force Friday! Celebrate with these DIY Star Wars Macarons! | SemiSweet Designs

Semi-homemade is always an easy way to have some kitchen fun with kids. If you can find them easily, pick up a pack of macarons — you’ll need chocolate ones, and white and/or grey — and use icing to doctor them like these fantastic DIY Star Wars Macarons. You can get the full tutorial at SemiSweet Designs.


Star Wars recipes for Force Friday: Rey's Instant Bread from The Force Awakens | StarWars.com

It may not be sweet, but how awesome is the recipe we found for Rey’s instant bread from The Force Awakens at StarWars.com? Very. The kids will love making this!


Star Wars recipes for Force Friday: Light Saber Fruit Skewers at Rookie Moms

Of course we have to throw in a healthy option, because we elders know that Jedis can’t thrive on sugar and bread alone. All you need for these clever Light Saber Fruit Skewers at Rookie Moms are things I bet you already have around the house. Perfect.


Star Wars recipes for Force Friday: BB-8 waffle maker! The perfect gift for your Star Wars loving family | Cool Mom Eats

Don’t feel like baking or taking on a kitchen project? Get your Star Wars on more easily with this BB-8 waffle maker that will give your family the force every weekend.