Whether your holiday involved eight nights of very deep-fried foods or just some (seemingly) bottomless stockings filled with candy, we could all probably use a reset — the kids included. So I’ve rounded up eight healthy dessert recipes to help your family transition out of the sugar wonderland gracefully. Read: no cold turkey candy purge. Because we value our sanity.

These desserts come together fast and taste amazing, even without barrels of corn syrup (looking at you, pecan pie). Because here’s to a healthy New Year.

Top: Banana Bears | Weelicious

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Healthy dessert recipes for kids: Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Pudding | The Minimalist Baker

Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Pudding | The Minimalist Baker

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Pudding at The Minimalist Baker that we found while rounding up unexpected ways to eat avocados that the kids will love may not look healthy, but that’s part of its glory. The decadent taste totally disguises the healthy ingredients that it’s made of. If you have an overripe banana, an avocado, and some pantry peanut butter, you’re well on your way to one of your new favorites. I promise.


Healthy dessert recipes for kids:Frozen Yogurt Shapes | MOMables

I love that Laura at Momables uses Greek-style yogurt and real fruit to make these Frozen Yogurt Shapes. Because yay for more protein and less sugar! I’ll be keeping these on hand for my son’s next round of teething aches — and, okay, also for when mom needs a snack fix too.


Healthy dessert recipes for kids: Gooey Chocolate Chip-Pea Blondie recipe | Laura Lee Balanced

I realize that there’s no shortage of bean-based desserts out there — some of them better than others — but I can fully vouch for this Gooey Chocolate Chip-Pea Blondie recipe at Laura Lee Balanced. It’s delicious. Not delicious-for-something-made-of-legumes, just plain delicious. Plus, thanks to the healthy dose of protein from the chickpeas, you and your kids get to skip out on the post-blondie sugar crash. Yay for that.

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Healthy dessert recipes for kids: Easiest Chocolate-Covered Fruit Pops | One Hungry Mama

These Easiest Chocolate-Covered Fruit Pops come straight from our editor Stacie’s blog, One Hungry Mama, and she uses a game-changing trick for the chocolate shell that will get these onto the table (or directly into the hands of children) in record time. Seriously, mind blown. Plus, they work with virtually any fruit, so you can keep munching on these year-round.


Healthy dessert recipes for kids: Banana Bears | Weelicious

How to make kids eat a “dessert” that’s almost entirely fruit? Make it as cute as these Banana Bears at Weelicious (above & top), and you’re good to go. (Okay, the cream cheese and chocolate chips probably don’t hurt either.) Yes, please.


Healthy dessert recipes for kids: DIY Healthy Peppermint Patties | Super Healthy Kids

I’m so intrigued by the recipe for these DIY Healthy Peppermint Patties at Super Healthy Kids, which uses a surprise ingredient for the healthier peppermint cream. I know girl scout cookie season is just around the corner, but I’m thinking these will hold you over — and save you some sugar too — until the thin mints arrive.

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Healthy dessert recipes for kids: Butternut Squash Toast | What Moms Love

I know there are a lot of different forms of toast vying for your attention on the interwebs (mermaid toast, anyone?), but I’m so excited to try this Butternut Squash Toast at What Moms Love, which looks simple, delicious, and super healthy. Sweet too! I promise this can pass as dessert with the right toppings.


Healthy dessert recipes for kids: Salted Caramel Coconut Popcorn | Choosing Chia

Popcorn’s one of my all-time favorite healthy snacks, so why not make it a dessert too? This Salted Caramel Coconut Popcorn at Choosing Chia is totally calling my name, and I think kids will be all about it too.