Two thumbs up for this new Krispy Kreme Reese’s donut. [Photo via Krispy Kreme]

Calling all fermented food fans: pickle juice slushies are coming this summer!

Plus, last year’s Unicorn Frappuccino has been updated as the Crystal Ball Frappuccino.

And add Unicorn Magic ice-cream to your shopping list for extra sparkles.

Sounds delicious: this blueberry-chia smoothie.

This cola is successfully challenging Coke in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Dye Easter Eggs naturally | Stefan Berger

We love these ways to dye Easter eggs naturally.

Or, try one of these beautiful no-dye egg decorating methods.

This new egg carton shape is fun!

And a new way to tell if milk has expired will come in handy.

If this ingredient’s cost is prohibitive, here’s how to make pesto without pine nuts.

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These fashion meets food illustrations by Gretchen Röehrs are absolutely fabulous!

On the other hand, Netflix’s new series Nailed It! highlights those not-so-pretty masterpieces.

Learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee, according to “Dr. Coffee.”

This Rubik’s cube is meant to be solved, then eaten.

We’re quite excited about this restaurant-related update to Google Maps.