It’s no secret that Aldi is a fantastic place to save big on groceries. But what you may not know is that it’s not just where you go to save on weekly staples like these 10 money-saving finds that make Aldi worth a trip. You can also find special occasion treats, finds for holiday get-togethers, and even fabulous gifts — all at Aldi prices. As in, super inexpensive.

With Mother’s Day coming up, I found a few fantastic things that you can grab at Aldi for under $10 that can make the day fantastically special and delicious, for you or any other special mom in your life.

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Mother's Day finds we love for under $10 at Aldi: Lacura Day Cream with SPF 15 and anti-aging ingredients including elderberry extract. What a fantastic -- and affordable! -- gift. | Cool Mom Eats

Lacura Day Cream with SPF 15, $5.99 

It’s not food (don’t eat it!), but it’s a great gift, and if you ask me, a gift seems like the appropriate place to start for Mother’s Day. Especially since, at this price, it can be a gift to yourself and to others.

This silky soft face cream is packed with Coenzyme Q10, bioflavonoids, and anti-aging antioxidants derived from one of my favorite ingredients, elderberry, which are said to help protect against and reverse free radical damage. I just love the way this cream feels. So luxurious!


Mother's Day finds we love for under $10 at Aldi: Trestoria California Rosé -- perfect for your Mother's Day brunch, and a great gift option too! | Cool Mom Eats

California Testoria Rosé, $6.99 

There’s surely something very wrong about going from anti-aging cream to wine in somebody’s book, but not in mine. In my book, it makes perfect sense. In fact, I might start the day by pouring myself a glass of this bright, crisp, fruit-forward rosé for a late morning brunch before I slather on my cream and put on my make-up. Because rosé all Mother’s Day.


Mother's Day finds we love for under $10 at Aldi: Moser Roth Dark Chocolate Bar -- a fabulous addition to your gift for any chocolate loving mom and a great addition to your dessert spread for Mother's Day brunch. Yes, both, because at this price, you can afford two bars... and more! | Cool Mom Eats

Moser Roth Premium Dark Chocolate 70% or 85%, $1.99

This delicious German-made chocolate bar is available at Aldi all year-round, but I think that you might want to pick one or two bars up for Mother’s Day since it makes an easy, delectable sweet bite to end your brunch or dinner. And why’s that so important? Because you must not work hard on Mother’s Day, mamas. Pass along these easy brunch recipes that the kids can make themselves, stock up on these indulgent, but affordable desserts, and call it a party.

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Mother's Day finds we love for under $10 at Aldi: Moser Roth Luxurious European Chocolate Truffles. Because affordable, totally delicious chocolate truffles in 16 different flavors. This is a Mother's Day gift no-brainer! | Cool Mom Eats

Moser Roth Luxurious European Chocolate Truffle, $3.99

Want to step up from bar chocolate? Pick up a couple of boxes of these dark and milk chocolate truffles to give as gifts to the other moms in your life who deserve an extra treat. Each assortment comes with a selection of 16 flavors including sea salt, caramel, hazelnut, mousse au chocolate, and white vanilla. There’s basically something for everyone, so you can all sit back, sip on that rosé, and eat bon bons while the kids cook for you. FINALLY!


Mother's Day finds we love for under $10 at Aldi: Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels make the perfect addition to a dessert spread for any celebratory Mother's Day gathering. Just buy extra containers to give to any mama guest of honors, because believe us -- once they eat one for dessert, they're going to want more to take home. | Cool Mom Eats

Specially Selected Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels, $2.99 

I saved my favorite chocolates from Aldi for last. These may not come in the fanciest package, but if you have a salted caramel loving mom in your life, trust me, she wants these. And at this price, I say that you should consider buying her two containers. You can repackage them in a pretty box or just serve them on a nice plate after brunch or dinner. Then, just like that, you win Mother’s Day.


Mother's Day finds we love for under $10 at Aldi: Huntington Home Luxury Candles, which are a teeny tiny fraction of designer candles like Jo Malone, but are comparable quality and come in three chic, irresistible scents. These make a fabulous (and fabulously affordable!) Mother's Day gift. | Cool Mom Eats

Huntington Home Highly Luxury Scented Candles, $6.99 

I know that it’s hard to outdo affordable quality chocolate, but I tend to forget that Aldi also offers great home finds at amazing prices. If you’ve tried buying a fancy scented candle recently, you may have been shocked at the price tag — some seriously go for over $100! But don’t let the price tag on this Huntington Home candle dissuade you picky mamas. It’s not only fantastic quality — made of heavy glass, with a sealable lid, and an overall fab, clean look that reminds me of Jo Malone (so chic!) — but it also comes in three luxurious, designer scents: English Pear and Freesia, Lime Basil and Mandarin, and Black Pomegranate.


Everything you can get at Aldi for Mother's Day for under $10 | Cool Mom Eats

Thank you to Aldi for providing Cool Mom Eats with samples of new products for editorial consideration. This post is not sponsored and all opinions are mine, and so are those caramels, so hands off, kids.