This week on Spawned with Kristen + Liz, our weekly podcast about parenting and parenting culture (you are listeners, right? RIGHT? ), we covered a topic that should be right up your alley, Cool Mom Eats readers — kids and nutrition.

We were really lucky to get a chance to bend the ear of pediatric expert Dr. Tanya Altmann — without even paying for an appointment! — to ask her about feeding kids better, parents’ struggles with mealtimes, kids and protein, healthy lunches, breakfast shortcuts, avoiding added sugar in processed foods, and helping kids make better food choices on their own so they can eat (relatively) well when we’re not with them.

In fact, as she pointed out, kids consume about 50% of their calories each day when we’re not around. Whoa.

So take a listen right now! We hope it helps you answer some of your own questions about kids and nutrition too — and helps remind you that you’re probably doing a pretty great job already. Maybe even better than you think.
-Liz + Kristen