Normally I would be annoyed to see Christmas fare before Halloween, but when I spotted these Pillsbury Buddy the Elf break-and-bake cookies at Target, I wanted to jump up and down. BUDDY! I know him! I know him!

Luckily I restrained myself, but it won’t stop me from purchasing these these limited edition sugar cookies (Buddy’s favorite flavor, obvs) that feature his signature green elf hat, because clearly the best way to spread Christmas cheer is making Elf-themed sugar cookies for all to share

Whether or not you’re ready for Christmas at this particular moment, these cookies seem like the perfect excuse to pull out your Elf DVD (because yes, some of us have owned one since 2003) and pop a few in the oven. Or hey, just eat the dough. Or eat them with candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup, which helps cover all of the essential elf food groups at once.

These Pillsbury Buddy the Elf cookies aren’t widely available yet, but keep an eye out for them at our affiliate Target right now, or at your grocery store as it gets closer to Christmas.

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