Running low on time but still want to make something special for Valentine’s Day? Check out this huge list of homemade treat ideas that are as fun as they are delicious. We put together more than 150 quick and delicious ideas and certainly, you’ll find the perfect Valentine’s Day treat here — even if you super busy! (Aren’t we all?)

Up for something totally homemade? Got you. Semi-homemade more your style? We’ve got you too. Whether you’ve got Valentine’s classroom treat duty, you’re looking for a thoughtful after-school snack, a fun dessert idea for the kids, or a heart shaped dessert just for the adults after dinner on February 14, we pretty much have you covered.

Just scan this list of our favorite posts for Valentine’s treats and get cooking. Or dipping. Or cutting stuff into heart shapes.Hey, we’re all about easy on Valentine’s Day. And that’s not a double entendre.

Okay, it is.

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150+ easy, homemade, last-minute Valentine's treats to make. Inspiration galore!

Heart-Shaped Everything

Start with our post on 40 creative heart-shaped foods you can make for Valentine’s Day with one set of cookie cutters. From sweet to savory, you’ll find loads of inspiration for easy, fun, last-minute Valentine’s treats!

Valentine’s Cookies

Cookies are always a perfect Valentine’s Day treat — and yes, vanilla is perfectly acceptable! Not everyone needs chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Here are some of our favorite posts that make it a snap to whip up some cookies, heart-shaped or not.  And psst…plenty of semi-homemade ideas here that are as fun and impressive as anything made from scratch.

5 kid-friendly, easy ideas for decorating heart-shaped cookies

9 amazing Valentine’s cookie recipes that are all about hearts

9 extremely cool Valentine’s cookie ideas for teens

How to make DIY conversation heart cookies – plus a printable box for gifting

Chocolate and Candy Treats

While we’re all for dark-chocolate around here, milk chocolate and white chocolate might go over better with the kids. These treats range from chocolate brownies and other baked goods to some surprising sweet treats, like making your own homemade candy. Or pink hot chocolate!

5 ways to turn a pan of brownies into an easy Valentine’s Day dessert

7 DIY Valentine’s Day candy recipes that you can make with the kids.

How to make heart-shaped white peppermint bark

3 ways to make natural pink frosting for all your Valentine’s desserts

A recipe for pink hot chocolate…mmmm

7 simple homemade Valentine’s treats that are all about the chocolate

8 more truly easy, last-minute Valentine’s treats we love

8 mouthwatering s’mores recipes that don’t require a campfire. Mmmm…melted chocolate.

Treats Just for the Classroom or Lunch Boxes

There are so many wonderful ideas that we’ve shared in the past, all perfect for packaging up and bringing to school for the whole class, or tucking into a lunch box. We even have some considerations for kids with allergies to nuts, peanut butter, gluten, dairy, and eggs — including this handy guide to one-to-one allergy-free baking substitutes. Everyone deserves treats on Valentine’s Day, right?

3 shortcuts for making classroom Valentine’s treats when you have no time

12 fun ideas for easy Valentine’s Day treats for the classroom

5 sweet Valentine’s Day treats the kids can help make 

Semi-homemade Mint Oreo Heart Treats kids can make themselves

6 easy, homemade Valentine’s Day treats with food allergies in mind

8 ridiculously easy, last-minute Valentine’s Day treats — because procrastinators need love, too

Heart-shaped mini pizzas: an easy tutorial

6 savory Valentine’s treat recipes for the kids’ lunchboxes

8 easy last-minute Valentine’s Day lunch box treats that aren’t all about chocolate

Fresh Fruit Treats and Healthier Valentine’s Recipes

Fresh fruit and fresh berries (maybe with some homemade whipped cream?) are always a refreshing dessert idea if you want something healthy. But if you want to make a special day a little more special for everyone, try these ideas that keep things at least a wee bit healthier

Heart-shaped berry hand pies

How to make a pretty, heart-shaped strawberry rose

6 low-sugar Valentine’s treats, hold the artificial sweeteners

7 deliciously healthy Valentine’s Day treats made with fruit

Make better-for-you ice cream sundaes with these 20 healthier ice cream topping ideas.

Last-Minute Valentine’s Desserts. Perhaps for the Grownups?

Use two heart-shaped cookie cutters to create this delicious dessert from Stacie Billis for Cool Mom Eats.Nutella Heart Tarts: Stacie Billis for Cool Mom Eats

While we’re up for these aphrodisiac Valentine’s foods for a sexy night at home, you don’t have to be quite so indulgent. You can start with one of these 6 romantic recipes for Valentine’s Day, to guarantee a sexy dinner at home — then add some easy, last-minute desserts that are perfect for more sophisticated palates.  (Not that we adults would turn down Hershey’s Kisses either!)

Easy 3-Ingredient Nutella Heart Tarts for Valentine’s Day

5 easy red velvet desserts that go beyond cupcakes

7 easy last-minute cake recipes

7 chocolate-dipped fruit ideas beyond chocolate-dipped strawberries

12 easy no-bake dessert recipes we love

12 boozy adults-only deserts from Frozen Margarita Pie to Strawberry Bourbon Shortcake

Tips For Packaging And Presenting Your Treats

Whether you’re just popping your Valentine’s treats into individual baggies to hand out, or wrapping them beautifully, it’s all good! One option: check out these very punny, food-themed Valentine’s Day printables that are perfect for the classroom, neighborhood friends, or hey, just your own kids.

Of course if you’re making desserts for home, just you know…eat them. That works too.

Happy eating, everyone!

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