We have another round of weekly meal plan recommendations, with easy, low-stress meals your whole family will enjoy. These five recipes will get you through this week ahead easily and deliciously.

So grab a pen, make your shopping list, and stock up on ingredients before the weekend’s over to make your weeknights that much easier.

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At top: Double Dredged Tofu with Gochujang Glaze at Olives for Dinner; Oven Roasted Greek Chicken Breasts at Saving Dessert

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Weekly meal plan: Double Dredged Tofu at Olives for Dinner

My kids are hard-core “chicken tenders and mac & cheese” kids, but they beg me to make this Double Dredged Tofu with Gochujang Glaze at Olives for Dinner. I serve it bibimbap style, with some rice and veggies like spinach, julienned carrots, edamame and bean sprouts sautéed in soy sauce in separate bowls so they can DIY their own. Fair warning: this one takes some effort to coat and fry the tofu, but it is definitely worth it.

Weekly meal plan: Citrus Fish Tacos at Halfbaked Harvest

I included these Cuban Fish Tacos with Citrus Mango Slaw and Chipotle Lime Crema from Tieghan at Halfbaked Harvest in my roundup of delicious in-season grapefruit recipes this week. And since they take just 20 minutes from start to finish, I think they’re definitely worth adding to this week’s meal plan too.

Weekly meal plan: One-pan Jambalaya at Rachel Schultz

My kids request jambalaya at least once a week, and my 13-year-old has even learned how to cook it for his friends on their camping trips. This easy One-pan Jambalaya at Rachel Schultz is a great recipe to start with, but you can add chicken or shrimp (or any other favorite ingredients) to customize it.

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Weekly meal plan: Greek chicken breasts at Saving Desserts

Plan ahead for this Oven Roasted Greek Chicken Breasts recipe at Saving Dessert, because the marinade takes at least 4 (and up to 24) hours for the meat to soak up the flavor. But, once you’ve spent about 10 minutes prepping the marinade, it’s a mostly hands-off recipe that’s packed full of flavor.

Weekly meal plan: Beef Barley Soup at Dinner at the Zoo

For a cozy Friday night in, this Beef Barley Soup at Dinner at the Zoo sounds delicious. Especially with a fresh loaf of sourdough bread, whether you’ve baked it yourself or just warmed it up from the bakery.

Weekly meal plan: Skillet Brownies at My Baking Addiction

Since it’s too cold to be making s’mores outside, I’m leaning toward a sweet-tooth splurge this weekend with these Skillet Brownies at My Baking Addiction. Rich, gooey brownies. Chocolate chips. Toffee bits. Perfection.