With March right around the corner and a toddler just getting the hang of his colors, I’ve been searching for cute rainbow desserts for kids, especially for St. Patrick’s Day. And as luck o’ the Irish would have it, the food bloggers of the world did not disappoint with these fun and (mostly) easy creations.

So break out that box of food coloring that you’ve definitely got in the pantry somewhere and get to work. You’ll brighten — and yes,  significantly sweeten — somebody’s day with these cute rainbow desserts.

Top image: beautiful rainbow cookies from Dessert for Two
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7 cute rainbow desserts your kids will love for St Patrick's Day!

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7 Cute rainbow desserts for St. Patrick’s Day…
or any day that needs brightening up!

The cutest rainbow desserts for St. Patrick's Day: Rainbow cookies | Dessert for Two

Cute rainbow cookies

If you’re going for cute rainbow desserts recipe that looks special without a ton of effort, check out these beautiful rainbow cookies at Dessert for Two. They do require a piping bag and tips, along with an afternoon to make several flavors of icing, but if that sounds like fun to you or your kids, I say go for it. The result is lovely and I adore that they don’t have to be “perfect” to come out great.


The cutest rainbow desserts for St. Patrick's Day: Rainbow donuts | The First Year

Cute rainbow donuts

I absolutely love the look of these homemade rainbow donuts at The First Year. If you’re short on time, just pick some up some store-bought donuts and then let the kids do the Fruity Pebbles sorting for you by following her instructions. That is, if you can keep the kids from eating up all the cereal and shredded coconut before they make it onto the rainbow donuts. Most cheerful breakfast — or after-school treat, or classroom party treat — ever!

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The cutest rainbow desserts for St. Patrick's Day: rainbow fudge | Wine and Glue

Cute rainbow fudge

The rainbow fudge recipe at Wine and Glue had me at “3-ingredient recipe.” Yes, it really is! Now consider that you will need to make 6 different bowls of fudge for each layer of this cute rainbow dessert, but hey, that’s what dishwashers are for. (And did I mention only three ingredients?) This one will go fast in a lot of homes. Consider doubling the recipe if you like your sweets sweet.

The cutest rainbow desserts for St. Patrick's Day: Rainbow frozen yogurt bark | A Night Owl

Cute rainbow fro-yo bark

This rainbow frozen yogurt bark recipe found at A Night Owl balances those sugary sprinkles with a big helping of nonfat Greek yogurt, making it slightly healthier than the other cute rainbow desserts here. Older kids could even make it themselves without supervision — as long as you’re okay with them heavily sampling the ingredients along the way. Our tweens and teens would love getting their hands into this for sure.

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The cutest rainbow desserts for St. Patrick's Day: Rainbow cupcakes | Mommy's Fabulous Finds

Cute rainbow cupcakes

The great thing about this rainbow cupcake recipe at Mommy’s Fabulous Finds is that the rainbow itself is totally store bought — just check out her tutorial to see the secret ingredient if you haven’t already guessed it! This way, all you have to do is whip up a few components yourself, and boom. Rainbow dessert perfection. No advanced candy-sculpting skills are required either, which is always a plus for busy parents.

The cutest rainbow desserts for St. Patrick's Day: no-bake rainbow bite desserts | A Cultivated Nest

Cute no-bake rainbow sprinkle bites

If you’re looking for cute rainbow desserts for little kids who may not care so much about the rainbow shape but are all about the colorful rainbow sprinkles, try the recipe for this no-bake rainbow bite dessert at A Cultivated Nest. I know my son will flip over the hidden M&Ms inside once he discovers them!

The cutest rainbow desserts for St. Patrick's Day: DIY Lisa Frank rainbow cake | Club Crafted

Cute (very!) rainbow Swiss roll cake

Raise your hand if this DIY Lisa Frank-inspired cute rainbow cake recipe takes you way back! It’s a bit of a commitment, but if you’re a child of the 90s like I am, it might be worth it for a gorgeous twist on a classic Swiss roll cake that calls to mind such a fun blast from the past. Check out the full instructions at Club Crafted — even if you skip the homemade chocolate leopard pattern on top.