We love a good rainbow cake any time of year around here. But St. Patrick’s Day coming up, which is a great excuse to make your own. For someone like me who isn’t exactly a whiz with the piping bags, let alone attempting those multi-layer rainbow cakes with each layer dyed a different color, I’m thrilled to have discovered this whimsical and rather do-able rainbow cake tutorial from Julie at Jujube en Cuisine.

Let’s just say, you’re going to absolutely win any kids’ party when you present this cake:  St. Patrick’s Day classroom parties, unicorn birthday parties, rainbow themed parties, or just a cloudy (or snowy, ahem) day that needs a little cheer.

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One caveat though: You may have noticed that the title Jujube en Cuisine isn’t English. This lovely baking blog hails from France, and thus, the recipe is in French. So, yay for Google Translate (just click that tab at the top that asks if you want to translate), which does a pretty amazing job of transforming the recipe into English clearly.

uisine© Jujube en Cusine

Also note that Julie uses European Smarties, which are not the chalky discs that are branded Smarties in the US. If you can’t find the European kind in a local gourmet grocer that sells imported candies, M&M’s or Skittles should work fine — in fact, while it takes a bit more work to use those slightly smaller candies (regular UK Smarties are more like Mentos in size), Julie prefers the result.

Of course you can also skip the homemade cake, and just click over for some wonderful rainbow cake decorating inspiration using a boxed cake mixes —  or hey, go for it from scratch, should you want to make use of a rainbow-shaped cake pan you have lying around. That you used once. If at all.

We get it.

Find the complete recipe and tutorial for this rainbow cake (or, gāteau arc-en-ciel, ooh la la) over at Jujube en Cuisine. Happy baking!