When I logged on to Pinterest recently to search for some yummy Thanksgiving recipes for my family, I was a little surprised by an apparent new trend: The Thanksgiving margarita.

Is this a thing? Do people really drink margaritas on Thanksgiving?

Being the dedicated journalist I am, I decided to take a closer, hands-on (erm, mouth-on?) look. I do it for you, readers. I do it for you.

Here’s a breakdown of what goes into a Thanksgiving margarita, plus four Thanksgiving margarita recipes you should absolutely, definitely try this year. Because if Thanksgiving 2020 is going to be different, that should include the drinks too, right?

At top: cranberry-apple margarita at My Sequined Life; Apple Butter Margarita recipe at A Lil’ Sweet, Spice, and Advice

Thanksgiving margaritas: The overview

To start, Thanksgiving margaritas aren’t the summery, green lemon-lime drinks we love on Cinco de Mayo or date night out. They typically contain apple cider as the base, plus tequila, then get the Thanksgiving flavors from cinnamon and other spices.

I supposed you can call it a “margarita” because they typically have a sugared (or, sugar-and-spice) rim, but I’d say these cocktails are more like a spiked cider or cranberry cocktail

Thanksgiving margaritas are probably best for drinkers with a sweet tooth, because these are sugary, sugary, sugary. But if that sounds good to you, here are some recipes worth trying.

And PS they’re not just for Thanksgiving. I think some of these flavors would be lovely right on through Christmas and New Year’s.

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Thanksgiving margarita recipes: Apple cider margaritas at Lady and the Blog

Most of the recipes I’ve seen are similar to this Thanksgiving margarita recipe at The Lady and the Blog. It’s sweet, you guys. It’s basically apple cider and booze with a bit of citrus flavor from the Grand Marnier, then you finish it with honey on the rim. If you like your cocktails to taste like dessert, this is the one for you.


Thanksgiving margaritas: Apple Butter Margaritas at Lil Sweet, Spice & Advice

For a frozen take on the cider-flavored margarita, try this Frozen Apple Butter Margarita recipe at A Lil’ Sweet, Spice, and Advice. She uses her homemade Instant Pot apple butter here (yum!), and you’re going to need a high speed blender to really get that apple butter mixed in. But if you’ve got time since you’re cooking a smaller Thanksgiving this year then go for it. I also like the idea of the cinnamon-spice rim, which is a little less sugary than, you know, sugar.

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Thanksgiving margarita recipes: Cranberry Apple Margaritas at My Sequined Life

My personal favorite is this cranberry-apple Thanksgiving margarita at My Sequined Life, rimmed with a little brown sugar. You’ll get bit more tartness here from the cranberry and orange juices if you prefer some balance. In fact, it’s closer to my family’s traditional wassail recipe with the addition of tequila.


Thanksgiving margarita recipes: Frozen cranberry margaritas at Heather Christo

If your favorite Thanksgiving flavor is the cranberry sauce, or you get enough apple from your apple pie on the Thanksgiving table, then you’ll want to try these Frozen Cranberry Margaritas at Heather Christo. These tart, citrusy beauties drink like Thanksgiving punch. In other words, be careful with this one! You don’t want to fall asleep before that apple pie.