Hot chocolate bombs have been blowing up (heh) my Instagram feed lately, so I decided to find some great recipes to make my own hot chocolate bombs at home. And wow, so many!

It turns out that whatever your commitment level, you can find a DIY hot chocolate bomb recipe that’s right for you — or for your little aspiring pastry chefs who might be grateful for a hands-activity after all that Zoom.

Plus, they make excellent homemade gifts for friends and grandparents — if you don’t eat them all first. And psst don’t forget your postal carriers and delivery folks this year. Especially this year.

I imagine anyone woulf be happy receiving these, even after Christmas.

Top image: Best hot chocolate bombs tutorial via Sugar Geek Show

Top image: Tik Tok hot chocolate bombs | I Am A Food Blog

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4 DIY hot chocolate bombs recipes | Easy hot chocolate bombs recipe from Fresh April Flours

Working with little kids and need something more approachable? Try these easy hot chocolate bombs at Fresh April Flours. It requires only four ingredients and doesn’t require tempering the chocolate. Sold!


4 DIY hot chocolate bombs recipes | Corgi hot chocolate bombs from Soap Deli News

I CANNOT with these corgi marshmallows or the gorgeous hot chocolate bombs that encase them. Don’t worry if you’re not a marshmallow artist; the corgis are a store bought shortcut. Check out the full tutorial at Soap Deli News to find out where to get them. And of course, reassure your kids that no corgis were harmed in the making of these hot chocolate bombs.


4 DIY hot chocolate bombs recipes | Best hot chocolate bombs recipe with detailed step-by-step photos from Sugar Show Geek

I’m so impressed by how thorough this best hot chocolate bombs tutorial is. On Sugar Geek Show, you’ll find a gorgeous photo of each step (literally more than 30 photos!), so you can follow right along even if you’re a total beginner. Plus, she explains whether or not you need to temper your chocolate, and how to do it if you need to, which I find very helpful.


4 DIY hot chocolate bombs recipes | TikTok hot chocolate bombs recipe via I Am A Food Blog

If you’re about to deep dive into the process, consider reading through this hot chocolate bomb tutorial tutorial at I Am A Food Blog first. Inspired by this trend that exploded (ha again) on TikTok, Steph and Mike offer extensive tips, troubleshooting help, and variations on the basic hot chocolate bomb recipe. They even share the best type of hot chocolate mix to fill your bombs with.

But really, is there a bad type? I’m willing to try them all to find out.