This year for Valentine’s Day, I’m hoping for a romantic Valentine’s food gift that’s just a wee bit sexier and more exciting than a box of supermarket truffles or soggy chocolate-covered strawberries. We made it through 2020 together! That deserves some celebration!

But then, we’re all still stuck at home, aren’t we? So instead of going out for an overpriced meal, I’m happy spend that money on decadent sweets, or some sexy foods that let us spend a semi-romantic night cooking together…while the kids are banished to their room with our Netflix password. And if they’re reported aphrodisiacs, hey why not.

One more excuse to get out of the yoga pants.

From incredibly fresh oysters, to the best cuts of steaks, to a little bubbly to toast with, I say, use February 14 to shower your partner with deliciousness.

Just be sure to order these romantic Valentine’s food gifts now. While some days seem to last for weeks lately, Valentine’s Day will be here before you can say “pass the corkscrew, Honey.”

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10 Romantic Valentine’s Food Gifts

1. Oysters (wink wink nudge nudge)

Romantic Valenine's food gifts: Fresh oysters delivered to your home, from Island Creek Oysters

Are you craving raw bar delicacies to kick off your night with a classic aphrodisiac treat? Island Creek Oysters are known for shipping absolutely fresh oysters in beautiful packaging, giving you an indulgent start to your meal.

To really go all out, surprise the true oyster lover with their monthly oyster subscription. Just be sure to watch Island Creek’s shucking tutorials ahead of time — and invest in a good shucker! — so dinner isn’t a mess.


2. The best caramels

Romantic Valentine food gifts: Gourmet Fleur de Sel caramels at Sweet Jules

In my humble opinion, gourmet handcrafted caramels are much sexier than chocolate. (Fight me!) Personally, I’d die happy with a box of Fleur de Sel caramels from Sweet Jules, which are soft and buttery, with a dusting of French sea salt. Perfection!

3. Caviar. The good kind.

Romantic Valentine food gifts: Splurge on a luxury tin of caviar from Regiis Ova.

Chef Thomas Keller of French Laundry and Per Se fame knows that his sustainable caviar at Regiis Ova is a luxury indulgence, and you feel it the second you open the gift box. It’s beautifully packaged and thoughtfully designed, not just something you picked up at the supermarket.(And I can’t say I’d trust supermarket caviar anyway.) This is a really special treat for an indulgent, romantic Valentine’s food gift for your sweetheart.

Bonus: You can order now and choose your shipping date, to be sure to get the freshest possible caviar.

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4. Bubbles with a bauble


Romantic Valentine's Food gifts: Kendra Scott gift box of Champagne from One Hope gives you a bauble with those bubbles!

If you plan to have a bottle of bubbly with dinner, just stop by your local liquor store. Or, take a look at this Champagne gift box from One Hope Wines. Don’t turn up your nose, champagne snobs! It may be a Kendra Scott gift box, but only because she made the Drury pendant you get with it. You can choose one of three champagnes knowing they’re not only delicious, but One Hope makes a donation to an organization doing good in the world for each purchase.

For a romantic Valentine’s food gift that keeps giving, check out the gift subscription to One Hope Wines. Six hand-selected bottles of wine or champagne each quarter, mean lots more romantic meals this year.

5. Chocolate fondue, ooh la la!


Romantic Valentine food gifts: A nice fondue set like this one by All-Clad

There’s something so classically romantic about a decadent fondue for dessert, and getting yourself a nice fondue set make for some fun nights at home throughout the year. This All-Clad Fondue Set at Williams-Sonoma is speedy, but buyers love it and it should literally last forever. Yes, the electric fondue pots cost a lot less, but I like the classic with the Sterno flame beneath.

PS your kids will love using that fondue pot for creative family dinners too.


6. A gourmet cheese plate

Romantic Valentine's food gifts: A rich and creamy cheese board from Rogue Creamery

I’m one of those people who’d rather enjoy a rich slice of creamy Roquefort than a sweet candy. If that sounds appealing to you too, then this blue cheese sampler platter from Rogue Creamery would make a terrific Valentine’s food gift for two.  And since blue cheese is considered an aphrodisiac — really! Check out the effects of its histamine properties, ahem — this might be the gift that keeps on giving. Heh.

7. THE macarons

Romantic Valentine's food gifts: French macarons from Lauderée Paris

Since you can’t get to Paris for Valentine’s Day this year, even if you could afford it (sigh), ordering your loved one a box of the gourmet macarons from Laduré Paris is a great IOU. According to macaron snobs, the iconic Champs-Élysées bakery is the only way to go when it comes to ordering macarons. Of course I’d be happy to try multiple brands and you know, do a taste test.

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8. A little spice to spice up your night

Romantic Valentine's food gifts: Weak Knees gochujang sriracha sauce

For the Valentine who gives you weak knees, repay the favor with a bottle of Weak Knees hot sauce from Bushwick Kitchen. It’s a fun little Valentine’s food gift that adds some heat in the kitchen…and since chilis are an aphrodisiac too, maybe in other rooms as well.

Plus, you know how much we love supporting small food businesses, now more than ever.


9. A melt-in-your-mouth steak cut

Romantic Valentine food gifts: A steak subscription from Porter Road, and cooking dinner together for Valentine's Day.

If you’re cooking together for Valentine’s Day, I personally recommend ordering the hand-cut steaks from Porter Road, the go-to butcher here in Nashville. While there are of course plenty of terrific butchers that deliver around the country right now, this is the shop my family has gone to for years for special meals, and I’m so excited that they’re now delivering nationally.

You can also surprise a meat-loving partner with the gift of a meat subscription, so they get pasture-raised, dry-aged, hand-cut meat delivered every 2, 4, or 8 weeks. And that’s likely a gift for both of you.


10. The kind of cake you’d never make yourself

Romantic Valentine's food gifts: A pistachio mille cake at Lady M

We’ve shared plenty of Valentine’s cake recipes and other DIY Valentine’s desserts, but some recipes are best left to the experts. Liz is just one of the thousands who rave over the ethereal mille crepe cakes from Lady M. Those 10 layers of crepe and creme are whisper-light and satisfyingly rich at the same time, but you’d have to taste it to believe it.

Since pistachios are one of the lesser-known aphrodisiacs, I’d suggest recommend choosing their pistachio mille cake this year. But hey, I wouldn’t say no to chocolate either.


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