If you’re looking for sexy Valentine’s gifts, fans of The Bear have a whole new realm to explore! I mean in the past we’ve covered romantic gifts for cooks and of course, plenty of chocolate. But if your new love language (or uh… after-the-kids-are-in-bed language) involves the two words “yes, chef” — we’re hooking you up.

I won’t get into the feelings I may or not get from the words “behind you.”

This is a family site!

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Sexy Valentine’s Gifts for Fans of the Bear

Sexy Valentine's gifts for fans of The Bear (as in, all of us) | See them at coolmomeats.com


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Yes, chef embroidered apron: Sexy Valentine's Gifts for fans of The Bear | at Blonde Rebellion Shop

Yes, chef embroidered apron | $30, Blonde Rebellion Shop
Lets him — or her — know who’s boss

The Bear Poster in Mid-Century Style | Sexy Valentine's Gifts for fans of the Bear | from Sandgrain Studio

The Bear Poster for Your Kitchen | $35, Sandgrain Studio
Or, for your bedroom. We don’t judge.
(Note: The original seller was a counterfeit and we have made the correction; please support original artists!)

Hot Valentine's gifts for fans of the Bear: The 8" chef's knife by Mac used in the show

Mac Knife Professional Series Chef’s Knife | $144.95, Amazon
A sharp knife is the start of all good things in the kitchen, and this is the actual chef’s knife used on set. ‘

Hell, yes chef! - the only dishtowel we'd give for Valentine's Day! | Subversive Cross Stitch

Hell Yes, Chef! Dish Towel Embroidery Kit | $15.99, Subversive Cross Stitch
The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift, made by you with love —  if only for yourself.

Urbani Truffle Shaver | Sexy Gifts for Fans of The Bear

Urbani Truffle Shaver | $34.99, Amazon
Not for the kinds of mushrooms Olivia Coleman would be found peeling.
Really want to splurge on a sexy Valentine’s gift? Trufflin’ sells fresh black winter truffles starting at $100/oz (shown at very top)

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Apothecary matchstick bottle from LaSerna Candles: Valentine's Gifts for Fans of The Bear

Apothecary Match Stick Bottle | $12.50 on sale, LaSerna Candles
If you cook with gas, these are a lot prettier in the kitchen than a lighter.

Carmy "Yes Chef" Valentine's Card for fans of the Bear | Dianne Illustrates on Etsy | see more gift ideas: coolmomeats.com

Carmy “Yes Chef” Valentine’s Card | $6, Dianne Illustrates
What else is there to say?

Every Second Counts Mug: Valentine's Gifts for fans of The Bear | by Joy Sansone Design

Every Second Counts Ceramic Mug | $28.99, Joy Sandone Design
Make the most of them.

Kitchen Aid Mixer for desserts of all kinds: Valentine's gifts for fans of The Bear

KitchenAid Stand Mixer | $271 on sale, Amazon
Hey, some of us have a thing for pastry chefs, too. (PS Lisa likes the one in blush pink.)




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Marcus’s Actual Homemade Chocolate Cake | Recipe: Sarah Mispagel-Lustbader for Food & Wine
Okay so Marcus is an imaginary character, but Sarah Mispagel-Lustbader isn’t, and she shared the recipe for that outrageous layer cake that made us all hungry…in all the ways.


Valentine's Gifts for fans of the bear: An eating tour of Chicago from Secret Food Tours Chicago

An Eating Tour of Chicago | $88 per person, Secret Food Tours Chicago
Plan a romantic getaway to Chicago and be sure to include this popular eating tour of some local favorites.

Or, go extra fancy — Choose Chicago visit has helpful list of the restaurants seen in The Bear, to help you make reservations for deep dish pizza at Pequod’s, or Michelin-starred gourmet fare at Ever and Eske. That’s a “yes chef,” from me.

"yes chef" New Yorker cartoon by Emily Flake for fans of The Bear

“Yes, Chef Print by Emily Flake | $50, St Nells
That cartoon that you have definitely seen in all your social feeds recently? Not only is it for sale as a high quality print, but sales support the artist’s women’s humor writing residency — maybe to produce more award-winning writers of The Bear.


Hot Valentine's Gifts for fans of the bear: CK Intense Power Ultra Cooling Low Rise Trunks (as seen on Jeremy Allen White. Phew!)

Intense Power Ultra Cooling Low Rise Trunk | $22.40 on sale, Calvin Klein
Not all cooking takes place in the kitchen, of course.
Apple sold separately.