Recently, Lizzo shared a TikTok featuring herself eating a bowl of “cereal” that was basically blackberries, blueberries and pomegranate seeds with coconut water and ice cubes.  In social media time (less than 10 minutes) this came to be known as “#NaturesCereal” and is the top trending “recipe” on TikTok. In fact, we heard about it from our kids.

So we thought, what a perfect recipe to try in our new Trying TikTok Recipes series, aka “Thanks a lot, TikTok.”

Lizzo makes Nature's Cereal on TikTok

So, in my new endeavor to get my teens in the kitchen with me (and also because I adore Lizzo) I ran to the store and grabbed the ingredients.

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Trying TikTok Recipes: Lizzo’s Nature’s Cereal 

As soon as “school” was over (aka the laptop was closed for the day), I asked my teen if he wanted to make some #NaturesCereal, which got me that look of skepticism they give us (you know it), because I do tend to enjoy punking my kids now and then.

And to be honest he had a right to be skeptical, “#NaturesCereal” could actually be a lot of really terrible things.

Although in this case, it’s not. It looks pretty good!


We tried the Nature's Cereal recipe from TikTok

We followed the directions intently (sarcasm intended) because wow, is this a tough one.

Here's how to make the Nature's Cereal recipe from TikTok

1. You wash fruit, then add desired amount of blackberries, blueberries and pomegranate seeds into a bowl.

2. Pour desired amount of coconut water into the bowl.

3. Add ice cubes if you want to keep it all really cold.

The only thing I added to the extremely complex directions is to wash the fruit — and to wash your hands well before assembling, because I’m a mom, y’all!

And then we ate it.

How it turned out…

Nature's Cereal recipe from TikTok

My son said, “I don’t know about that.”

I concur with his review.

Honestly, it’s just berries in a bowl with coconut water. I mean are we all being punked? Or maybe eating everything in a bowl and calling it cereal is going to be a thing?

However, I did find this alternative Nature’s Cereal recipe just for parents that may be something I can get behind. Ahem. Cough.

If you find a TikTok recipe you want us to try out for you, let us know! We’re up for it!