A while back, I asked our Recipe Rescue group on Facebook for recommendations for the best oven mitts for kids. I got so many terrific ideas (thank you everyone!) — but I had really specific features I needed. My youngest is kind of terrified of opening and closing the stove — let alone pulling out a cookie tray by herself — and I was hoping that the right oven mitts might help her get past her fears.

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My requirements for an oven mitt for kids:

– First, they need to fit smaller hands (because, over mitts for kids).

– They need to be highly heat-resistant, of course — the silicone pinch grips we have (here’s a similar option) are convenient for when she uses the toaster oven, but not so great for handling very hot trays for more than a few seconds.

– The oven mitts needed to be grippy enough to make my kid feel like she has control — one area where the big, fat, traditional quilted oven mitts traditionally fall short. Even the silicone ribbed oven mitts that I like still feel big and clunky around her small hands.

– They need to extend up high enough to cover an elbow, if possible, so she’d be less afraid of accidental forearm burns.

The best oven mitts for kids: Found them!

While I loved all the suggestions, it was our own Lisa’s out-of-the-box suggestion that wowed me. She was like, why not try oven gloves.

The best oven mitts for kids: Actually, they're oven gloves!

Readers, I swear I didn’t even realize there was such a thing.

Sure enough, the fabulous oven mitt gloves from Beets & Berry’s Amazon shop were exactly what we needed!

They fit my daughter’s small hands relatively well (though they fit mine perfectly) — and the glove functionality means she feels confident in a way that even kids-sized oven mitts don’t deliver for her.

The little grippy dots add reassurance that she won’t accidentally drop a tray, and the 14″ length of the comfy, stretchy, 3-ply Kevlar sleeves are EVERYTHING for a kid (or adult) scared of burns.

And the price…fantastic. Just around $25 with some colors under $20. (2024 prices.)

The oven gloves that replaced our oven mitts, and helped get my kid in the kitchen more

The happy ending I know you’re all looking for: These oven mitts for kids worked!

We started with a test, where I showed my daughter how long I could hold a hot muffin pan using the gloves before I could feel it. Now knowing she had a good 10 seconds before she needed to put it down — and just how much time that really is — she tried it herself.

Before I knew it, she was sliding a cookie tray into a preheated oven, thanks to her new oven gloves, then taking it out when it was done.

So…hoorah. These truly are the best oven mitts for kids, especially if your kids need a little more confidence to get in the kitchen. Time to look through our archives for more cookie recipes! (Hey, summer means it’s almost DIY ice cream sandwich season.)

Honestly, I love these gloves so much, I’ll probably be grabbing a second pair in a fun new color.