It’s officially summer! Yay! Hopefully your grill is all cleaned up and ready to go for the Fourth of July celebrations that are right around the corner. Whether or not you are planning to grill up burgers on the Fourth of July, odds are they will be on the menu plenty of times this summer.

So, to kick off summer, the Fourth of July and burger season, I’ve put together my five favorite accessories that will help make burger prep and grilling that much easier so you can put your energy into the desserts.

Of course you can have all the best accessories, but if you don’t have a good grill you may consider upgrading to the best propane grill in 2022 according to Best Housekeeping,  but the classic Weber charcoal grill will never do you wrong. Personally, my family has a Traeger Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker and once you add a little smoke to your burger you may never go back to the smokeless grill. If you are on the road or camping, this portable charcoal grill saved my camping trip last year.

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– Updated for 2022 – 

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Up your burger game with these 5 must have grilling tools

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1. Best Grilling Tools: A good turner/spatula


For just $22, the Mercer Culinary Hell’s Handle Heavy Duty Turner/Spatula tops my must-have list. It has a heat resistant handle, which is so important when you’re cooking over a flame, plus it’s sturdy enough to flip those cheese stuffed burgers. If you happen to have a partner or husband who tends to walk off with grilling tools and misplace them (ahem), for this price, you could order two.


2. Best Grilling Tools: A great meat thermometer


Take the guess work out trying to determine if your food is the right temperature by using a good cooking thermometer like this ThermoPro Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer. Trust me, making sure your food gets to the right temperature before eating it can take a lot of stress out of grilling — and saves you from cutting into beautiful cuts of meat to check for done-ness.

While there are others that are more basic, I love that this thermometer is hands-free thermometer and sends the temperature reading to a separate monitor, so you don’t even have to open and close the grill cover over and over to check on your food — and that can actually make a difference in your grilling.

If you’re a tech gadget type, spend a little more for the Bluetooth TheramaPro Meat Thermometer, which lets you check the temp right on your phone. Amazing.


3. Best Grilling Tools: A grill press

Cuisinart Cast Iron Grill Press

For those perfect grill marks on your burger, this Cuisinart Cast Iron Grill Press does the trick. We’re big fans! It helps burgers keep their shape while cooking, but more importantly, it allows heat to distribute evenly, which should impart a richer flavor in whatever you’re grilling. It’s also handy for getting rid of excess fat and oil from your burger, but still keeping them juicy.

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4. Best Grilling Tools: A silicone burger shaper


This silicone Shape + Store Burger Master 8-in-1 Innovative Burger Press is genius! You can quickly and easily shape 8 perfect burger patties with this handy tool — and it keeps you from handling a burger too much, so the meat stays tender.

It actually doubles as a freezer container, so can pop the entire tray in to freeze the patties in the mold, then just drop them frozen, right onto the grill. Plus it transports easily to a park or beach if you’re grilling on-the-go, or toting your own veggie burgers to a family cookout.

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5.Best Grilling Tools:  Oven gloves…for the grill

The best oven mitts for kids: Actually, they're oven gloves!

Liz recently wrote about these fabulous oven mitt gloves from Beets & Berry that I recommended to her, which she bought to help her daughter get more comfortable with an oven. But I’ve found that not only are they great for inside kitchen use, they are perfect for protecting your hands and forearms while working over a hot grill — they are heat resistant up to 932 degrees!

I keep one set in my kitchen, and one set outside by the grill and there are lots of cute colors to choose from.

Not that you can walk around carrying a 900-degree tray for an hour or anything, but they’re very helpful when you need more dexterity than bulky grilling mitts allow.

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