Whether your teens are up at dawn to get to their summer job, or stumble into the kitchen around noon because, well, they’re teenagers, we still want them to eat a good breakfast to get their day started off right.

But, we are lonnnnng past needing to wait on them in the kitchen as they are old enough to prepare their own breakfast which is why we’ve pulled together 12 easy, healthy, and affordable breakfasts your teens can make for themselves. Send them a link to this post if they’re complaining of being sick of cereal. . .again.

And keep in mind that many tweens and motivated grade schoolers can handle these recipes too. But we can’t promise that any of them will clean up after themselves. . .that’s a lesson for another day.

Top photos: yogurt parfait by Alondra Lucia on Unsplash and breakfast burrito photo by Bret Kavanaugh on Unsplash (“Bret” with one “t”, not that other guy)

12 easy, healthy, and affordable breakfasts your teens can make for themselves. 

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The Forked Spoon's quick and easy açai bowl recipe is a nutritious breakfast for teens

Açai bowl recipe from The Forked Spoon

My teens realized that paying $12 for the hot new “bowl” place in town isn’t something they can afford to do often, so now they make their own. . .and then they spend $12 on Chipotle. . .sigh. But, I love this açai bowl recipe which uses frozen puree as the base along with loads of ways to change it up from day to day so they never have to eat the same bowl twice.

Teens can make and freeze these versatile breakfast burritos from Natasha's Kitchen

Make-ahead breakfast burrito recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen

These easy and totally customizable breakfast burritos can be made ahead of time and frozen. Then, when your sleepy and hungry teen wanders into the kitchen, they only need to toss one or two into the microwave or frying pan to get their day started deliciously.

Avocado toast gets topped with an egg for a quick and healthy breakfast for teens

Avocado toast photo by Alison Marras on Unsplash

Hold the jokes about avocado toast–it really is still such an easy and filling breakfast, especially when topped with a fried egg that takes all of 2 minutes to prepare. But since avocados can be a little finicky about ripening right when we need them, consider grabbing some of the mashed refrigerated avocados from Wholly Avocado so that it can be spread right onto a newly toasted piece of bread.

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Cookie and Kate's smoothie recipes have lots of options for teens at breakfast

Banana almond smoothie recipe from Cookie and Kate

Given how HOT it is out there right now, a cold and refreshing smoothie sounds perfect. And this rich, sweet smoothie will fill up those always-hungry bellies so they can make it the few hours until lunch.

If bananas aren’t their thing or they just want more options, a quick search here will lead you to lots of other smoothie recipes to try.

Teens can whip up a stack of delicious, allergen-free pancakes from Partake

Allergen-free pancake mix from Partake

It doesn’t get much easier than adding water to boxed pancake mix, and we love the flavor, nutritional value, and allergen-free ingredients of Partake’s original and confetti pancake (and waffle) mixes. Featured in our post about 10 delicious and unique pancake recipes for Valentine’s Day, your teens will love the taste even if they aren’t eating a vegan or gluten-free diet.

Grab and go prepped breakfast bags from Somewhat Simple are an excellent idea for busy teens

Grab-and-go breakfast bags from Somewhat Simple

If they are running to get to their summer job in time, these pre-made breakfast bags will be a hunger-beating savior in the morning. Love the many ideas for filling these bags with teen-friendly items. This is also great for families of multiple kids who are all moving in different directions each day.

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Yogurt parfaits are so easy to tweak with whatever is on hand for quick and filling breakfasts for teens

Yogurt parfait photo by Irina Grigoraş on Unsplash

Yogurt parfaits sound fancy but really can’t get much easier, with layers of yogurt, fruit or jam, and granola in a mason jar or bowl. I like to reduce the sugar by buying unsweetened yogurt—once they mix it with the fruit and cereal, it tastes plenty sweet. Go for non-dairy yogurt or even chia pudding for something different.

Peanut butter makes oatmeal an even more filling breakfast for teens

Peanut butter oatmeal recipe from A Couple Cooks

A hearty bowl of oatmeal flavored with peanut butter will keep them full and not looking for a “snack” before 10am. Can’t eat peanut butter? No worries—there are other peanut-free options included that all sounds amazing with a bowl of oatmeal.

These customizable recipes for overnight oats from Haute and Healthy Living are great grab-and-go breakfasts for teens

Overnight oat recipe variations from Haute and Healthy Living

If hot oatmeal sounds too, well, HOT, have your teens try some of these fresh-from-the-fridge options that we featured in our holiday post 16 mason jar food gifts your kids can help DIY, from sweet to savory. Though these were originally featured as a gift-giving idea, they also make awesome make-ahead bases that just need their favorite liquid added so the oats can soften overnight in the fridge.

Just Egg's folded eggs are an easy base for a teen-made breakfast sandwich

Folded plant eggs from Just Egg at Thrive Market

Even if your kids aren’t vegan, these frozen folded “plant eggs” go from freezer to toaster to bagel in under 10 minutes, making them an excellent choice on a busy morning. They’re also a great protein source too (with a lot less saturated fat than a chicken egg), and are super versatile in a breakfast sandwich topped with whatever their stomach desires.

Your teens will love making Pizza Eggs for breakfast with this recipe from Encharted Cook

Pizza eggs from Encharted Cook

Leftover pizza for breakfast may be a teen favorite, but we are loving this recipe which helps make a slice even more nutritious and filling. Don’t be surprised if it smells so good cooking that you may need to make this for yourself too!