Along with teaching us the newest dance moves (ha), TikTok is also great for getting the scoop on the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets, and now, it actually has its own nickname: FoodTok. If you don’t spend as much time on FoodTok as we do, here are some of our favorite fun, unique, and funky kitchen gadgets that popular food influencers have been using. They make great holiday gifts for a special home cook, your wannabe tween chef, or even your college kid who needs to stop hitting Starbucks and Taco Bell daily.

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TikTok kitchen gadgets: Dash Mini Maker tiny waffle iron

This Dash mini maker waffle iron is a cool food gadget found on TikTok.

The Dash Mini Maker petite waffle iron makes waaaaay more than waffles as shown in this “OMG” TikTok by Superhero Helmet Hair. For only $10, this versatile press makes crispy grilled cheese sandwiches, fried potato pancakes, stuffed omelets, and–yes–mini waffles in just minutes.
($10 and up at Amazon)

TikTok kitchen gadgets: Unique ice cube molds

Fancy Christmas ice cubes from Tovolo make a great TikTok-inspired gift.

Ice, ice baby. . .TikTokers like KAMI have made me obsessed with having multiple sizes, shapes, and even flavors of ice cubes to float in my drinks. And while there are tons of ice cube tray options on Amazon, I’m absolutely smitten with the stunning Christmas ball molds from Tovolo, whose holidays spatulas remain one of our favorite affordable gifts. They also have golf ball, roses, skulls, and kittens. . .we all know someone who would love at least one of these.
($19.17 for Christmas ball molds, set of 4, at Amazon)

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TikTok kitchen gadgets: Iced coffee and tea glasses

Coolest food gadgets from TikTok: Glass tumblers with lid

TikTokers like michyoro have introduced us to glassware that shows off your morning beverage in BPA-and-lead-free glasses and straws with sustainable bamboo lids like these pretty glasses from Le’raze. They’re a great gift to help transition your favorite iced coffee–or tea–drinker away from using plastic cups from which to sip their daily brews.
($17.19 at Amazon)

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TikTok kitchen gadgets: Revolution toaster

Coolest kitchen gadgets found on TikTok: Revolution Toaster

It was Scheck Eats’ TikTok page that first introduced us to the futuristic-looking Revolution Toaster, but now it’s all over my TikTok page like in this video from Mariandcandicee . .and has even caught the attention of Oprah who named it to her Favorite Things list this year!
($299.95 on sale at Williams Sonoma)

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TikTok kitchen gadgets: Herb scissors

Chefast herb scissors are a cool kitchen gadget we've seen on TikTok

Work smarter, not harder with these useful, multi-blade herb scissors from Chefast Store which we now want badly after seeing them on stayedsnatched’s TikTok page. Maybe pair this with the Eco Herb Savor Pod which will help keep your favorite home chef ‘s herbs fresh up until it’s time for them to be snip, snip, snipped into a recipe.
($12.90 at Amazon)

TikTok kitchen gadgets: Inkless label maker

TikTok has us wanting to label everything with this Nimbot B21 label maker kitchen and home gadget

I absolutely love hearing Tiff’s “it’s restock o’clock” on my TikTok page because I know I am going to laugh. But in this video, in which she duets The Jungle Badger, I came away also wanting this retro-cool, inkless NIIMBOT 21 label maker. Just promise you’ll put your labels on straight, ok?
($65.99 at Amazon, in black, green, and red)

TikTok kitchen gadgets: Egg yoke separator

As seen on TikTok, this adorable pig yolk separator from Peleg, also in frog and fish shapes.

Such a fun stocking stuffer for your favorite baker, or even a child who loves to help out in the kitchen. This silicone egg yolk separator from Peleg, which we first saw on Lindsay10083’s TikTok page, comes in pig, frog, and fish versions and really does the job of separating yolks from whites really well!
($12.90 at Amazon)

TikTok kitchen gadgets: Smart cutting board

4T7 Smart Kitchen meal prep cutting board is a cool find from TikTok.

We are so intrigued by this Swiss Army knife of cutting boards that we first saw on Naturally Nakeyta’s TikTok. The 4T7 Smart Meal Prep System Is a useful cutting board, digital food scale, timer, magnetic knife holder, and defrosting tray in one neat unit. Oh, and it even has an app to help find healthy recipes. Santa, you listening?
($149 at Amazon)