A kitchen gift for Mother’s Day may once have been the purview of serious home cooks, but no longer. (Thanks, pandemic!) After 14 months of cooking breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for my family of five, I would love a Mother’s Day gift for my kitchen!

I’ve used just about every gadget in my kitchen, from the early days making bread and whipped coffee to my more recent foray into TikTok sandwiches and experiments with tofu. It’s made me appreciate the things I have, but also shown me what items I might like to add to make my time in the kitchen even better. And with Mother’s Day quickly coming up in a few weeks, I’m pretty sure there are lots of moms out there who have a few new kitchen gifts on her wish-list, but may not be apt to buy them for herself.

Check out this guide to 15 thoughtful and useful kitchen gifts and gadgets for Mother’s Day, all under $25 — but that are pretty wonderful at any price.

They’re such great values that who knows, maybe you can treat not only your own mom, but also a beloved stepmother, the neighbor who bakes you bread “just because,”  or your bestie who may feel a bit low on Mother’s Day for any reason at all.

Here’s to more of us being able to share Mother’s Day with our special moms (or adult kids) in person this year. Yay vaccines!

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Pretty textured vinegar and oil set from West Elm for an affordable Mother's Day gift under $25

It’s almost time to enjoy all the edible greens and red and yellows of our gardens and farmer’s markets, which is why this pretty oil and vinegar textured stoneware set will come in handy. In fact, the set is so pretty, it’d be sure to be put on the kitchen counter or dinner table and not tucked away behind a cabinet door. (on sale for $23.70, West Elm)


This cool, modern grater makes a great Mother's Day gift under $25

Ok so a grater may not sound like the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for the kitchen, but look at this acacia hardwood and stainless steel grater! Perfect for the discerning cook who likes to marry function and style. Just add a block of real parmesan from a local gourmet store, and she will swoon at your thoughtfulness. ($24.95, CB2)


Marley's Monsters reusable paper towels make a great gift under $25 for Mother's Day

Eco-minded moms will love a set of bright, lemon-covered reusable “unpaper towels” from Marley’s Monsters, which help cut down on paper waste without sacrificing convenience or quality. With six to a pack, there can always be a few at the ready to clean up any spills or drips — and look beautiful while doing it. ($18, Anthropologie)

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Teabloom's tea mug and infuser make an affordable Mother's Day gift under $25 for a tea lover

If she likes her spot o’ tea, she probably already has a favorite electric kettle and tea infuser — which are great gifts too, by the way! But Mom may not have this pretty (and useful) double-walled, thermal-safe glass tea mug with a stainless-steel infuser from Teabloom, which makes it so easy to have tea time anytime. I love the little lid that keeps the water hot, then becomes a neat coaster for the infuser once her tea is ready. This set also comes with two tea flowers so she can enjoy her special Mother’s Day gift Immediately. (from $16.95 to $20.35, Amazon)

This handmade tea rest from Tara Kothari make a great gift for Mother's Day under $25

If she already has a favorite tea, this lovely little ceramic tea rest is made just for Mom by potter Tara Kothari. I love it so much, because those little painted herbs are made from actual herbs pressed into the clay which burn away in the kiln, leaving just an impression — which Tara hand paints before sealing with a food-safe glaze. Talk about a cool Mother’s Day gift for the kitchen. ($24, Uncommon Goods)


Give her a hand on Mother's Day with this automatic pan stirrer kitchen gift

Almost every mom I know could use an extra set of hands in the kitchen, especially at dinner time when there’s so much going on and lots of hungry mouths to feed. I am so intrigued by this highly rated automatic pan stirrer, which allows me to turn my attention toward other meal prep tasks without constantly running to the stove to make sure something isn’t burning. ($25, Uncommon Goods)


Extend the life of your herbs with the Eco Herb Savor Pod from Prepara which makes a great Mother's Day gift under $25

Between Kristen and Liz and their new gardening adventures through the We Time Project, and my use of some cool gardening apps to keep track of my plants, I know we will have lots of herbs coming our way this summer. Hooray! This super-smart Eco Herb Savor Pod from Prepara will help keep our precious plants fresh and ready-to-use when we need them instead of having them shrivel up and mold in the crisper bin, making it a practical Mother’s Day kitchen gift that’s pretty cool, too. (on sale for $18.80, Amazon)

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MSM Sewing Studio's embroidered tea towel and herb stripped make a thoughtful gift under $25 for Mother's Day

Once she’s ready to use those fresh herbs, this handcrafted walnut herb stripper from MSM Sewing Studio makes it soooooo easy to get the leaves off in one swift motion. Low-tech and gorgeous. I love that it works for everything from skinny rosemary to leafy cilantro to beefier kale. Even better? It comes with this pretty embroidered tea towel made of 100% cotton. You can even customize the embroidery colors in case you want to match Mom’s kitchen ($23.75, MSM Sewing on Etsy)

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Beautifully made french rolling pins from RK Woodworking make thoughtful Mother's Day gifts under $25

Beautifully crafted from responsibly harvested hardwoods found in the foothills of the Ozarks (how’s that for the quintessential Etsy description?), these handmade French rolling pins are too pretty to hide away in a drawer. Perfect for rolling out homemade pie crusts or, heck, those balls of pre-made pizza dough to make focaccia gardens with the kids. (14″ rolling pin is $24, RK Woodworking on Etsy)


Perfect for the office, this mini toaster oven from Dash is a great Mother's Day gift under $25

If she’s heading back into the office, this adorable mini toaster oven from Dash will make it easier to toast a bagel or heat up leftovers without dealing with the communal kitchen microwave. (Shudder.)  Plus, it’s freaking adorable. ($24.99, Crate and Barrel)


A well-made ice cream spade from Zeroll is a useful Mother's Day gift under $25

Ice cream always seems to make our Mother’s Day gift lists and can you blame us? Gelato and ice cream-making moms will appreciate this well-made ice cream spade from 90-year old ice-cream scoop company Zeroll. With heat-conductive liquid in the handle, it makes doling out servings of their frozen treats so easy, she’ll feel like a pro. Or hey, if she likes the store-bought stuff? We get it! Consider splurging and adding in some custom Mother’s Day pints from eCreamery. ($24.95, Williams-Sonoma)


For under $25, you can give the Hyper Chiller iced-beverage maker for Mother's Day

If she loves her iced coffee — or tea — but hates melted ice cubes watering it all down, she’ll dig this HyperChiller Beverage Cooler. Ignore the informercial-like name and read the incredible reviews, which rave about how it turns hot coffee into cold coffee in a minute. PS, it also works to chill wine, should she need a nice icy glass of something at the end of a long day. ($24.99, Amazon)

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Give your favorite Star Baker this apron for under $25 for Mother's Day

Is she a Star Baker and a huge fan of the best television series in the world? (Okay, I may be a bit obsessed) Taken from our roundup of the best Great British Baking Show gift ideas, this sturdy apron from Humor Style even has generous pockets in which to hold a whisk or two, making it a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for the kitchen. Does not guarantee against a soggy bottom. Sorry. ($24.90, Etsy)

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This cherry wood oven rack pull from Jonathan Simons is a thoughtful Mother's Day gift under $25

If the mom in your life is getting older, this functional yet pretty cherry wood oven rack pull from woodworker Jonathan Simons is such a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for the kitchen that she probably doesn’t already own. The clever design allows her to hook the oven rack to check her baked goods without having to stoop too low, and the cool shape will look neat popping up from her utensil holder. Pair with some pretty new tea towels if you have a littler more than $25 to spend on a Mother’s Day gift. ($20, Uncommon Goods)


This immersion blender from Chefman makes a great Mother's Day gift and is under $25

I love my immersion blender so much, I cannot believe I survived so long in the kitchen without one. If your favorite mom hasn’t purchased one for herself yet, this immersion stick handle blender from Chefman makes a great Mother’s Day gift for the kitchen under $25. She’ll have smooth soups, sauces, shakes, and so much more in just seconds. While the black and white versions ring in under $25, if you’re okay going a few dollars over, you can grab one in a snazzy turquoise, red, or midnight blue. (in white or black for $23.80, Amazon)