I don’t think that this list of my favorite Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed ideas needs much explanation but happy to offer a reminder: If there’s one day that moms should not be making breakfast it’s this Mother’s Day.

We need the rest. We need the pampering. We need the love. And hey, kids can provide all that and more — with just a little help.

If you’re a mom reading this, all you have to do is print your favorites (from this list or any other), and leave them in a little packet for whoever is going to take over on Sunday. That way the “surprise” is more likely to be something you can look forward to. Not that we wouldn’t look forward to burnt toast these days if someone else made it for us, but you know.

Then, all you have to do relax all morning, Because you deserve one day off for Mother’s Day,. For real.

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Easy Mother’s Day Breakfast-in-Bed Recipes, and What the Kids Can Do to Help

Mother's Day recipes kids can make: Nutella stuffed pancakes at Cookies and CupsNutella-stuffed pancakes | Cookies and Cups

Let’s start with pancakes

You do not have to overthink this. Check out our tips for doctoring a boxed pancake mix or this list of indulgent pancake hacks will make a basic recipe feel like they came from your favorite fancy brunch place. Like, filling them with berries, topping them with surprising toppings, or even ahem, stuffing them with Nutella. It’s a super easy recipe with minimal cleanup, but your kids will feel like they’ve done something special for Mom.  And they will have.

How kids can help: Kids can break eggs, measure ingredients, whisk the batter and use an ice cream scoop to pour perfect portions on the griddle. Still, make sure an older kid or adult does the flipping. And of course, kids can garnish the plate!


Mother's Day breakfast recipes kids can make: Quiche recipes at Fox & Briar Crab, Leek and Asparagus Quiche | Fox and Briar

Say yes to quiche

Quiche, in bed? For breakfast? Um, yes please! Absolutely. Marsha shared this incredible quiche recipe in her post on make-ahead Mother’s Day brunch recipes, and I think it looks delicious. If you’d rather cook what you already have in the fridge, that’s okay! Make the base in this recipe — the eggs, cream, cheese, and spice are mandatory, plus a pie crust (store bought is fine), then d add any veggies or protein you do have, from ham or bacon to peppers and spinach.

You’ll find more favorite quiche recipes in these posts that we’ve shared over the years too:

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How kids can help: Kids can wash veggies, measure, whisk ingredients together and help you pour it into the pie crust! Older kids can chop ingredients too. If you want to make the crust from scratch, they can also help roll it out.


Mother's Day breakfast in bed ideas: Perfect scrambled eggs at Tori Avey
Perfect fluffy scrambled eggs | Tori Avey

Hooray for scrambled eggs!

For a more straightforward approach to eggs for breakfast than quiche for an easy Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed idea, cook some perfect fluffy scrambled eggs — Tori Avey’s tips are terrific. Plus, she covers everything, from which type of eggs to buy, to when exactly to pour them in the pan. Do not discount this simple dish, because made well, it’s delicious. The perfect compliment to fruit, yogurt, or even pancakes for Mom’s breakfast-in-bed on Mother’s Day.

How kids can help: The longer the eggs whisk, the better, so put your kid to work cracking and whisking them for at least a minute. Just check to make sure they didn’t get any shell pieces in the bowl! Let kids sprinkle in garnishes too, make some toast for the side, or arrange the plates. They’re always so proud when they do that.

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Mother's Day breakfast-in-bed menu ideas: Order pastries from Mille-Feuille NYC or your local bakery

A pastry tray is always a good idea

If making pancakes feels like too much for your kids, or isn’t even your mom’s favorite, order in pastries from a local bakery or bagel shop, like these croissants from Mille-Feuille NYC that Liz suggested in her post on Mother’s Day food gifts that support the restaurant industry. They come frozen, ready for proofing and baking, so you are doing more than taking them out of a bag and putting them onto a plate. Of course you can try any favorite local bakery near you that’s delivering. It’s a real Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed treat to enjoy something she’s not making herself, and maybe that she’s been missing over the past few months.

One favorite tip that Liz suggests is to search an app like Seamless for what you’re looking for (“brioche” or “bagel” or “chocolate croissant”), then call the restaurant directly to help them avoid service charges. You may be able to schedule a delivery in advance, or even create an order that’s more custom than what’s on the app.

How kids can help: Kids can dress up plain croissants up by sprinkling powdered sugar over the top, scooping different jellies and jams into small ramekins, or arranging fruit on the plate  before serving to Mom in bed.

A yogurt parfait bar turn any home into a favorite brunch spot

Send one of the kids to take Mom’s order, restaurant style, for a custom yogurt parfait for breakfast — or as a small starter. We love the ideas for what to include in your yogurt bar from The Wicked Noodle.Even if all you’ve got are some crushed nuts, honey, and Greek yogurt, it’s an easy, no-cook, Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed menu idea that can look as fancy as the cooked items if presented this lovingly.

Bonus: It’s easy to set out enough for the whole family to enjoy.

How kids can help: They can do virtually everything here! Make up a “menu,” read off the options to her in bed then take Mom’s order.  Next, scoop in all the toppings she requests (or transfer to smaller ramekins so she can add them herself) and bring it to her on a tray. Easy!


Mother's Day breakfast the kids can help make: Fruit Salad with Honey Lime dressing at Taste of Lime

Fresh Fruit with Honey Lime Dressing | Taste of Lime

Make a perfect — and perfectly easy — fruit salad

Spring is here, and berries are starting to come into their own. While a grownup should slice up melon, even younger kids can stem the strawberries or rinse the blackberries. If she prefers, check out these 8 healthy and delicious grapefruit recipes, try cutting watermelon with heart shaped cookie cutters, or just slice a melon into quarters and serve on the side with pastries, eggs or yogurt.

How kids can help: Put your little ones to work whisking up this yummy two-ingredient Honey Lime dressing at Taste of Lime (can you guess what they are?) which makes fresh fruit pop. All you have to do is stand back — it’s that easy! But even toddlers can place a few sprigs of mint on top for a garnish. They’ll feel like they’ve accomplished something really important for Mom’s special breakfast-in-bed.


Mother's Day breakfast the kids can make: Prosecco Mimosas at Off the Wheaten Path
Prosecco Mimosas | Off the Wheaten Path

Don’t forget the beverages!

These Prosecco Mimosas are an extra-special drink for a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed menu.  Of course, you can omit the alcohol and swap in club soda. Either way, we think Mother’s Day deserves a fancy drink for breakfast.

A few more posts to check out with seasonal cocktail recipes worth trying:

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How kids can help: Eh, we might keep them away from any booze. But still, kids can cut up fruit, fill glasses with ice cubes, pick out the glasses, and if they have a steady hand, pour juice or club soda over the top.  And of course, they can always serve.

Note for all you single moms: You deserve a toast to yourself more than ever this year. Even if you get out of bed to make your own brunch libation to go with those bagels or those kid-made scrambled eggs, we say go for it. Then get back into bed, pull out the crossword or your favorite magazine, and hope you can shut the door, at least for a few minutes.