If your family loves pancakes, Tuesday’s National Pancake Day is a perfect excuse to try out these pancake hacks that take breakfast to 11! Of course there’s nothing wrong with celebrating with your tried-and-true from-scratch recipe or one of our favorite boxed pancake mix hacks. But if you have the time and inclination, there are so many fun, and dare I say indulgent ways to jazz up your favorite pancake recipe with fun mix-ins or toppings — or both!

So,whether you’re on the pancake wagon for Shrove Tuesday, eating in honor of Mardi Gras, or just let the good times roll at the breakfast table for the kids, take a look at these 12 delicious, creative, and even surprising pancake hacks I’m so excited about.

Calories don’t count on holidays, right?

Top:  Cinnamon Funfetti Pancakes via My Cooking Spot

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Indulgent pancake hacks for National Pancake Day: Chocolate Syrup from The Cookie Rookie

1. Cover pancakes in chocolate. Three ingredients and five minutes are all you need to make this luscious chocolate pancake syrup from The Cookie Rookie. Sorry corn syrup, we won’t really miss you.

2. Blend in your favorite fruit combos: I love bananas and strawberries mashed up and mixed into my pancakes, not just sitting on top. Just a few other combos that kids love:

-mixed berries
-chopped apples and cinnamon
-blueberries with lemon zest
-bananas and walnuts or pecans
-peaches and cinnamon
-crushed pineapple and coconut flakes.

Get imaginative with whatever fruit you have on hand, and you may discover a new favorite combo. Sprinkle with a bit of confectioners sugar on top, or a cinnamon-confectioners sugar blend to make this a little more indulgent on a special day.

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3. Add a handful (or two) of chips. No, not potato chips, but any type of yummy melty chips make for a simple pancake hack.Beyond chocolate chips, try butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, white chocolate chips, even mint chocolate chips. They’re all super delicious when mixed into your favorite pancake batter. Save a few to sprinkle over the top too!

4. Top with a creamy peanut butter syrup. I am a huge fan of peanut butter and would go nuts (ha) for this creamy peanut butter syrup recipe on All Recipes. Mashed banana mixed into the pancake batter would go so well with this sauce too.

5. Mix in candied nuts. Regular nuts are always a solid pancake hack, but candied walnuts, candied almonds, or even finely chopped up peanut-brittle can add some texture with bursts of sweet crunch to your stack. Such an easy pancake hack that’s still pretty indulgent.

Indulgent pancake hacks forNational Pancake Day: Nutella-stuffed pancakes from Cookies & Cups

6. Stuff your pancakes with Nutella. I am already inclined to spread Nutella on just about anything, though these Nutella-stuffed pancakes from Cookies and Cups are truly inspired. You’ll just need to start this easy recipe the night before so that everything is ready to go in the morning.

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7. Drizzle with brown sugar and butter syrup.  With a pancake flavor like caramel toffee, this recipe for brown sugar and butter syrup from Barefeet in the Kitchen sounds ridiculously decadent. I may have to save some extra to top a scoop of ice cream before bed. As if there will be any extra.

8. Add sprinkles! Turn your pancakes into a celebration with a handful of colorful sprinkles mixed into the batter. I also love the recipe for Cinnamon Funfetti Pancakes from My Cooking Spot (shown at top) which can be a fabulously easy hack for regular boxed pancake mix too.

9. Add blueberries, inside and out. I love a handful of blueberries in my pancakes, but if you want to take it one step further, check out this yummy blueberry compote recipe by Food Network’s Ellie Krieger. It would look delicious dripping down the top of a stack of pancakes.

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10. Create an apple crisp topping for your pancakes. Scroll down on the page to find The Roasted Root’s Apple Crisp Topping recipe on the Bob’s Red Mill site. It’s an easy and (bonus!) gluten-free topping for your favorite gluten-free (or gluten-full) pancakes.

Indulgent pancake hacks forNational Pancake Day: Maple Bacon Pancakes from Almost Supermom

11. Add chopped-up bacon. Why serve bacon on the side when you can chop it up and add it to the batter?  I mean, we all know how great bacon is dipped in maple syrup, so this recipe for Maple Bacon Pancakes from Almost Supermom caught my eye right away. Even better, it includes secret ingredient to make these a wee bit healthier — and even sneaks in a little fruit.

12. Stuff pancakes with candy. Hey, why not. This might not be our choice for every day breakfast, but on Fat Tuesday? A whole bunch of chopped-up candy bars and colorful M&M’s in these candy-stuffed pancakes from Spoon University will certainly make for a memorable morning treat. Though you may want to save this sugar-filled pancake hack for a after school treat. Your kids’ teachers will thank you.