Whether you’re slapping lunch together for the kids before they run out to catch the bus, or preparing a quickie lunch between breaks in their virtual school day, I’m sure lots of us are sick of trying to figure what’s next for lunch. So, when that cool-looking, folded TikTok sandwich hack started to appear on my feed, I took notice.

I mean, there’s nothing all that revolutionary about turning what is basically a wrap sandwich into a folded little pocket, but – -hey! — it’s kind of cute, pretty fun to eat, and may just save our entire family from lunch ennui.

What is the folded TikTok sandwich hack?

It’s basically a tortilla, with one cut made halfway up one side. Place three or four different fillings in the four “quadrants” of the tortilla. Next, you neatly fold one flap up, fold the remaining tortilla over into halves, then finally fold down and you’ve got a quarter-tortilla sized, easy-to-eat sandwich.

In some cases, you can grill or toast, like a panini, or just use eat as is. Voila!

Does it have to be a tortilla?

The cool thing is that no, you don’t need to be confined to using tortillas as the bread. You don’t even have to be confined to round shapes. Try this trend using Lavash or flatbread, spinach wraps, pita bread, naan, crepes, or even nori. Toss on a hot griddle, or put in a waffle iron, panini press or toaster oven. Or, just eat your creation as is.

I love that there are really no rules for a sandwich recipe “created” on TikTok!

With that, I’d love to offer some of my favorite suggestions and variations for your own folded sandwich..

Shown at top: TikTok Tortilla Wrap Hack from Hello, Yummy


20 creative ideas for the TikTok folded sandwich hack 

Use these 20 ideas, variations, and recipes I’m sharing below for inspiration, but feel free to make them a little less ‘spicy” if you have kids with more cautious tastebuds. Or, let the kids build their own concoctions and see what combinations become your family’s favorite.

Filming it for TikTok or Instagram is strictly optional.


The original chicken folded TikTok sandwich hack from Crystal's Cooking Fun

1. The Original TikTok Folded Tortilla Wrap Hack

The breaded chicken sandwich hack posted on Crystal’s Cooking Fun’s TikTok channel at the very end of December seems to be one of the few cool things to have come out of 2020. Super easy, quick, and kid-friendly, especially if you use pre-made chicken tenders and then smother it all in ketchup.

2. Folded Breakfast Sandwich

The chicken sandwich (above) may have been among the first, but it was this breakfast folded TikTok sandwich on EllCarter1’s TikTok that really made this trend go nuts. Check out the video and see why this simple wrap got over 6 million views. Everything is better with bacon, right?


How to make a tortilla folded TikTok Sandwich hack with this recipe from Hello Yummy

3. Mexican Tortilla Folded Sandwich

So, THIS is how it’s done! Get the basics down thanks to the  TikTok Tortilla Wrap Hack recipe from Hello Yummy (also shown at top). Using the fillings of a taco or burrito, it’s easy to make this vegetarian too. Pro tip: This is a great way to use up leftovers from Taco Tuesday. Wrap Wednesday, perhaps?

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4. Chicken Caesar Folded Sandwich

Great way to use up some leftover chicken, paired with lettuce, shredded parmesan, and drizzled with caesar dressing before folding and heating up.

Use nori to make a sushi folded TikTok sandwich from I Am A Food Blog

5. Sushi Roll Folded Sandwich, TikTok Style

A riff on onigirazu sushi sandwiches, we love how versatile this folded sandwich can be when using nori, as demonstrated in this Folded Sushi Sandwich on i am a food blog. Check out their suggestions for how to make this creative wrap fairly easily.

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6. Thanksgiving Folded Sandwich

Thinly sliced turkey, cranberry, lettuce, mayo. Stuffing optional, though recommended. Making it only in November definitely not recommended!

7. Cucumber Tea Sandwich Folded Sandwich

Thinly sliced cucumbers, cream cheese, butter, & a sprinkle of dill on either pita or flatbread are a cool way to take a classic British tea sandwich and adapt it for the TikTok folded sandwich trend.

8. Philadelphia Cheesesteak Folded Sandwich

Get inspiration from our post comparing Geno’s and Pat’s authentic Philly cheesesteak recipes — including links to their own recipes they’ve shared — then make your own lunch-sized versions of a “Chess Wit” in a folded pocket. So fun! Is it less messy? You’ll have to tell me.

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Folded TikTok pizza hack by Scrambled Chefs makes an easy lunch

9. Pizza Pocket Folded Sandwich

Pizza is always a lunchtime hit, so I  love all the folded pizza TikTok sandwich ideas that Scrambled Chefs have shared for toppings, sauces, and even how to freeze these ahead of time so they’re ready to go when lunch time hits. You can also use our list of creative pizza topping ideas and make it feel like a different lunch each day…even if you serve it every day.

10. Crunchwrap Copycat Folded Sandwich

Take the Mexican sandwich hack above, then make it crunchy by adding crushed Doritos, Hot Fritos, or even Takis if you’re brave.

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11. Pesto Chicken Folded Sandwich

High-quality, premade pesto and leftover shredded chicken make this an easy sandwich to throw together. If you love making your own pesto during basil season, have at it!

12. The Elvis, Fully Loaded

Bananas and peanut butter are a terrific folded sandwich combo for sure, but I’d add a bunch of crunchy, salty bacon too. Oh yes I would.


Delicious falafel folded TikTok sandwich hack from Scheck Eats

13. Falafel Folded Sandwich

 ScheckEats’ falafel folded sandwich was actually the recipe that made me run out to buy all the ingredients to try this trend. It is so versatile and yummy and those Middle Easter flavors meld perfectly here.  Check out what he puts into his pita pocket, though you can easily adapt this to taste.

My tip: Add grape leaves!

14. Club Sandwich, TikTok Style

 Hit the deli (or Instacart) for some turkey and ham, sliced cheese, and crispy bacon. Finish with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo but don’t get carried away! Remember, you have to be able to fold this thing up.

15. Waldorf Folded Sandwich

The famous salad is generally made with chopped apples, celery, and walnuts in a mayonnaise dressing, and it adapts really well to sandwich form. I suggest you slice the chicken and apples very thinly so that they don’t get all bumpy when you fold the flatbread.

16. Caprese Folded Sandwich

If you can get juicy greenhouse tomatoes in season right now, grab them! Then add slices of a good, fresh mozzarella, plus basil and balsamic vinaigrette on your pita, and fold away. It tastes like summer. Which we really could use right now.

17. Fancy Cheese Quesadilla, Folded

Grab four different cheeses, shred, and sprinkle a different one in each section of the tortilla. Drizzle with mild salsa, and/or sour cream, guacamole, hot sauce, you get the idea.) Fold up and melt it all together in a waffle iron or under a panini press. Yum! I think a little gouda or fontina in there would really amp up the flavor along with classic quesadilla fare like cheddar and jack cheeses.

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18. BLT Folded Sandwich

Heavy on the B…


S'mores version of the TikTok folded sandwich hack from Everyday Shortcuts

19. S’mores Dessert Sandwich

Of course there are dessert versions of the TikTok folded sandwich trend, and the S’mores Dessert Wrap (shown at top) from Everyday Shortcuts is perfect right now, especially it’s too cold and miserable to be outside around a campfire where you live. The kids will love it. And our readers know how much we love S’mores around here!

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20. Folded Crepe with Nutella

If you’re a wiz at crepes, you’ll have no problem following The YouTube tutorial from Dished, for how to make Crepe Stuffed Nutella PB&J (and M!). It’s perfect for the TikTok folded sandwich technique because you tend to fold crepes in quarters anyway. This recipe is definitely a sweet treat for lunch, but after a year in quarantine, I say we all deserve it.