Here are our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope that you like them, too.


National Hot Dog Month is coming to a close: Make one of these killer hot dog recipes immediately. And, if you live in the Tri-State area vote for your favorite hot dog spot. (Liz is avidly gunning for Walter’s.)

5 things to know about the “DARK Act and what you can say to Congress about labeling our foods.

So fun: Flavorize yourself and Talenti Gelato might turn your personal flavor into a real product.

Great piece on getting kids in the kitchen.

Why it’s so hard to get a good bagel in California. We’ve always wanted to know, too!

Tender: The Tinder app for food.


Food craft fun: Silly Face DIY lollipops and other easy lollipop recipes you can make with kids | Super Make It

This crazy adorable collection of DIY lollipop recipes makes us want to get into the kitchen with our kids.

Make homemade whipped cream, then find out what happens when you put whipped cream in an ice cream maker. (Hint: it’s good.)

Homemade Nutter Butters!

Jon Oliver blasts food waste in America.

Yes, liquor can go bad.


Homemade Funnel Cake Sprinkles perfect for topping ice cream | The Crafted Life

Homemade funnel cake sprinkles recipe. Oh yeah.

Greenpeace report on seafood sustainability with useful tips on where to shop better.

The 21 best new restaurants in America according to Eater.

Love Alton Brown? Here are his top 40 recipes of all time.

Food emojis that should be added to smart phones. Where’s the bacon!

Van Gogh and other famous works of art on OREO cookies. Whoa.

OREOS as a canvas for famous works of art. Whoa.