Pumpkins look pretty on your stoop or porch through Thanksgiving but, honestly, come November first and I’m done with mine, especially if they’ve been decorated for Halloween. Instead, I pull out the wreathes and gourdes (fancy!) and use my uncarved pumpkins to make awesome pumpkin seed recipes and whip up pumpkin drinks like these cocktails and mocktail. Or, if you have an extra big pumpkin, skip the mixology and turn it into a cooler for seasonal pumpkin ale.

Either way, let’s toast farewell to jack-o-lantern season in style this year.

Top: Pumpkin Apple Cider | Tess the Domestic Diva

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Cocktail: Pumpkin and Apple Cider Fizz

Pumpkin cocktail recipe: Pumpkin and Apple Cider Fizz | Kitchen Konfidence

This Pumpkin and Apple Cider Fizz recipe at Kitchen Konfidence is so simple and sounds absolutely heavenly. Anchored with two great fall flavors that taste great together—pumpkin and apple—it also has hints of ginger and vanilla. And if you don’t have (or aren’t ready to part with) a pumpkin, grab a can of pumpkin puree. There are some great all-natural, organic brands available these days.

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Mocktail: Pumpkin Apple Cider

Pumpkin Apple Cider is a super easy mocktail—and way to use up that pumpkin | Tess the Domestic Diva

You can easily turn the Pumpkin and Apple Cider Fizz recipe above into a mocktail by skipping the booze—there’s still lots of deliciousness left without it—or follow this super simple recipe for Pumpkin Apple Cider at Tess the Domestic Diva. She gives instructions using either store-bought or homemade pumpkin puree and includes directions on how to make your own pumpkin puree.

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Beer: Pumpkin Party Cooler & Pumpkin Beer Cocktails

This Pumpkin Party Cooler is an easy Halloween party DIY that also uses up that pumpkin | Martha Stewart

Pumpkin Party Cooler | Martha Stewart

Making a Pumpkin Cooler
This cooler has been making the rounds but, from what I can tell, the Pumpkin Party Cooler (top) started at Martha Stewart where you’ll also find great, easy-to-follow instructions. We also love the pretty how to make a pumpkin cooler infographic (bottom) at Fix, where you’ll find other clever ideas for how to use your pumpkin this Halloween weekend.


Pumpkin cocktail recipe: Ginger Pumpkin Bourbon Fizz | Climbing Grier Mountain

If you like the idea of this DIY project and are happy to serve beer to your beer-loving family and friends but, eh, can do without beer yourself, stock your pumpkin party cooler and use one of your seasonal beers to make a Ginger Pumpkin Bourbon Fizz at Climbing Grier Mountain. This cocktail pairs a little bit of beer with some bourbon and other tasty ingredients. I particularly love the cinnamon sugar rim.


Pumpkin cocktail recipe: Pumpkin beer cocktail | Cooking and Beer

This Apple and Pumpkin Beer cocktail at Cooking and Beer is similar to the one above, but simpler. It’s the right move if you want to appreciate the beer, but are looking to sip something a little stronger.