If you’re like me, your focus on Thanksgiving is almost entirely on the food. I’ll have grand intentions of crafting my own decorations but, in reality, I’ll run to the florist, buy some candles, and then start swearing about last year’s wine-stained napkins. Whoops. I can’t imagine that this year will be any different.

This holiday season, I’m ditching the glossy magazines with their super creative (and mind-boggling) décor ideas and going with one of these easy Thanksgiving table settings instead. None of them require a trip to the craft store and it doesn’t even matter if you don’t follow the ideas detail for detail. The point is that you can make your table look gorgeous with things you may already have or that can be purchased in the produce aisle—the one store you’re sure to visit one last time before the big day.

Top: Rosemary Wreath Place Cards, Spoon Fork Bacon


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Using apples and greenery to make an easy Thanksgiving table setting could be one of your best ideas yet | Julie Blanner

Eucalyptus (or any greens easily snagged at the florist), colorful apples, and pillar candles are layered to create this easy entertaining idea from Julie Blanner. I love how Julie uses cheesecloth—it looks gorgeous and is so affordable. Plus, you can toss it after dinner is over (one less thing to clean!) and, of course, save the apples for a light weekend snack. You’ll need one!


Clementines and pinecones dress up votive candles for an easy, last-minute Thanksgiving table setting | Julie Blanner
I couldn’t resist highlighting another simple, food-inspired idea from Julie Blanner. If your kids end up eating all the apples, send them on a scavenger hunt for pinecones and grab a bag of clementines on your next trip to the store. Her 5-minute fall table setting is just the right amount of décor for a table that’s soon to be filled with a feast. And just the right amount of work for the cook who will be making the feast.


Need a festive, last-minute idea for easy Thanksgiving table settings? These mini rosemary place cards are just the thing! | Spoon Fork Bacon
How adorable and festive are these easy rosemary wreath place cards (above and top) from Spoon Fork Bacon? Find the freshest and longest sprigs of rosemary that you can (dry sprigs may break rather then bend), download the free name card template, and scatter a few baby pumpkins around the table. Voila! Table setting perfection.

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If you're short on time and working at the last-minute, these pumpkin leaf tags are an easy way to dress up your Thanksgiving table setting | Ella Claire
No major crafting (or purchasing) required for these darling printable pumpkin leaves from Ella Claire Inspired. Even if you don’t have lovely berry branches, you could use colored autumn leaves (maybe ones that the kids gather?) or other greenery from your yard. To me, this is the perfect balance of elegant, simple, and homemade. Or, skip the foraging (my former city-girl self is rolling her eyes at the suggestion) and just use the free printable as simple place cards.


This Draw Together Thanksgiving set is such a clever, easy idea for keeping the kids entertained (and quiet) at the table | Caravan Shoppe
Speaking of printables, last year Christina found a dozen Thanksgiving printables that you can make happen from the comfort of your own home. My favorite is the Draw Together Thanksgiving set from Caravan Shoppe. My kids would flip for this (and maybe, just maybe, stay quiet for more than 5 minutes).


Bundling fragrant sage leaves is an easy way to add fresh greenery to your Thanksgiving table settings, even at the last minute | Buzzfeed
Turn on some football, enlist a few helpers to tie, and your table decor will be done before the second quarter. These sage centerpieces from Emily Farris at BuzzFeed are such a lovely, simple, and unexpected addition to the table. If you don’t have a narrow board (as shown in the photo), you can use a neutral colored runner to anchor the vases.

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We love this easy Thanksgiving table idea for the kiddos. Butcher paper and crayons will keep little hands entertained! | Project Nursery

The whimsical, casual touch of a hand-drawn placemat on butcher paper as seen as part of this idea for a kids’ Thanksgiving table at Project Nursery is easy and fun, even for the big kids’ table. I say skip the goodies (I can just imagine the fights that would break out with those on the table) and, instead, draw lines for everyone to write down what they’re thankful for. Then make yourself read what your kids wrote when they are driving you crazy later that night. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? (The thankful part, not the crazy part.)

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