Over the last few weeks it feels like every time I turn around, my kids show up with another candy cane. Even the referees at their basketball games were handing them out. To say that we have more than we could ever eat is an understatement, especially considering that a few of us don’t like them straight up. (But added to chocolate, yes please.)

Since you can’t save them until next year—I know this from the melted, sticky mess  at the bottom of my ornaments box this year—I’ve found 11 delicious candy cane recipes that are a great way to use up all that leftover candy. These look so good that even a non-peppermint-lovers will want to try them. Believe me, I know.

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I received a box of white chocolate fudge with peppermint a couple of weeks ago and it lasted, oh, about 5 minutes in my kitchen. I’m going to recreate that goodness for Christmas with the recipe for Candy Cane Fudge at Mom.me (top) and it’s going to be gooood! If you don’t like a lot of peppermint, smash your candy canes into smaller pieces—even just a dusting of peppermint will be delicious.


Not sure how to use up those leftover candy canes? These Peppermint Chocolate Pretzels is how! | Savory Sweet Treat

These Chocolate Candy Cane Pretzels at Savory Sweet Life are such a fun idea for a party. A little bit sweet and a little bit salty, these are so good that you’re going to want to eat them as you go. Set out the ingredients like a food bar and let people make their own—the kids will especially love it.


Put extra or leftover candy canes to work in this recipe for Candy Cane Popcorn | Closet Cooking

Make a big batch of this Peppermint Candy Cane Popcorn at Closet Cooking tonight and get the family together to watch Elf. You know, since the main food groups are candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. Mmmm.


Use leftover candy canes to make these festive Peppermint Brownies. Mmm! | Buttercream Blondie

I’m a sucker for peppermint brownies. In fact, I prefer a gooey, rich brownie with a minty layer over plain fudge any day. Irresistible. The Peppermint Brownies at Buttercream Blondie look so good with that festive layer of red, plus her tips on how to cut them perfectly are so smart. (Hint: Following them requires planning in advance.)


White Chocolate Peppermint Bark makes most delicious use of leftover candy canes | Sally's Baking Addiction

You know us: We love food gifts for Christmas, and a big batch of the Peppermint Chocolate Bark that I spied at Sally’s Baking Addiction is an easy, but impressive extra gift to add to your stash under the tree, even at this last minute. I’ll be making some for extended family members who sometimes get overlooked on my Christmas list.


Use up leftover candy canes to make these White Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies for Santa | Tamilee Tips

Santa will be really good to us if we leave him some of these White Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies from Tammilee Tips. Let the kids help by handing them a bag of candy canes to bash. Then, add the pieces to this simple cookie dough. The result is buttery, soft, and sweet-minty cookies. So good.

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Grab what are sure to be leftover candy canes and whip up a batch of Candy Cane Biscotti for a lovely holiday or post holiday treat with coffee | Savory Bites

I was excited to find some ideas for how to use leftover candy canes that aren’t overly sweet—and that also go with coffee. Because peppermint and coffee is delicoius (trust me!). The recipe for Candy Cane Biscotti at Savory Bites fits the bill perfectly. Whip up a batch to pair with a nice bag of coffee for a sweet, simple Christmas gift. Yay for easy, last-minute ideas!


These Chocolate Marshmallow Pops might just be the #1 way we found to use up leftover candy canes. Yum! | White On Rice Couple

We found these Chocolate Marshmallow Pops at White on Rice Couple last year and cannot get enough of them. They are the perfect after-dinner treat for the kids (and who are we kidding, for the adults, too) on Christmas night or, really, any night through the holiday break. You can prep them ahead of time and have them ready for dipping in your hot chocolate or coffee, or just eating straight up.


Use leftover candy canes to make this showstopper Candy Cane Cake for a Christmas or post holiday dessert | The Vanilla Bean

If you’ve been assigned dessert for Christmas dinner or maybe even for a post-holiday or New Year’s Eve dinner, this Candy Cane Cake at The Vanilla Bean Blog will be the treat that guests are still talking about next year. It’s so festive that it’s almost too pretty to eat. Almost.


Crush up all those extra or leftover candy canes to make this Peppermint Buttercream Frosting, which is perfect for dressing up store-bought or cake mix treats! | Picky Palate

Not feeling cake? Mix candy cane bits right into frosting. The crunch from real candy cane pieces in this recipe for Peppermint Buttercream Frosting at Picky Palate will have people craving more—even if you use it to ice store-bought or cake mix cupcakes.

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Candy canes may be kid territory, but the leftover candy canes are ours: Peppermint Vodka | Fork vs. Spoon

Save your money on specialty vodka at the liquor store and make some homemade Peppermint Infused Vodka at Fork vs. Spoon instead. Add a dash to your coffee, hot chocolate, or in a favorite cocktail recipe. Plan on this one for New Year’s Eve, though, because it takes a while to infuse.