Feeding a baby can feel like a full-time, around-the-clock job. And that’s probably because it is. So whenever we find a product that makes it a little easier, we’re excited to see if it will work out. And I have to say, I’ve been really pleased lately with the Foodii squeeze baby food storage system, which stores anything from breast milk to applesauce.

Put this firmly in the category of first-world problems, but I think this system makes it so much easier to store homemade baby food than the frozen ice-cube method. Make a big batch at the beginning of the week, then grab and go all week long. Your kids are getting healthier, homemade baby food instead of the grocery store pouches that are so expensive—all with a $19.99 reusable set.

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Easily store pumped milk or baby food in your fridge with the Kiinde Keeper baby food storage system. | Cool Mom Eats

Go easily from storage pouch to baby bottle with the Kiinde squeeze bottle and baby food storage system. Breastmilk storage made easy! | Cool Mom Eats

The Foodii starter set (which, by the way, is only $15.99 at our affiliate Amazon) has everything you need to fill 10 food storage pouches with pumped breast milk, homemade baby food, or pretty much anything that’s pureed. It comes with two Snack Spout sipper attachments—so you can suck the contents straight out of the storage pouch—and a spoon attachment, which makes feeding a baby easier.

You can add on other accessories, too. Some of them seem less than absolutely necessary (I’m looking at you bottle warmer), but the Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle that lets you feed your baby straight from the storage bag seems useful. One fewer transfer, which is also one less thing to wash or trash, sounds worthwhile to me. The Keeper Breastmilk Holder and Organizer also makes it handy to keep pouches organized in your fridge or freezer, and they even have two-way Direct Pump Adapters, which let you pump your breast milk straight into the storage pouches.

Like I said, easy.

The Foodii system can also grow with you, if you want it to. My five-year-old has happily been taking them to school filled with applesauce, so I can buy the huge container and save money—and waste—by skipping those expensive, individual portion pouches from the grocery. That said, we’re hoping they’ll add some more kid-friendly designs for the storage pouches in the future, so our elementary-age kids will want to use them, too.

You can find the Kiinde baby food storage system and other products at the Kiinde website, or our affiliate Amazon.