If the new moms you know are anything like I was ten years back—exhausted, a little scattered, and possibly nursing—I think they will definitely appreciate a big gift of Oat Mama’s Lactation Granola Bars, a new, small brand of outstanding granola bars I’ve just discovered.

And before you click away because you’re not in nursing mode, here’s why I think they’re worth a look for all mamas. And maybe dads, too.

Unlike a lot of granola bars which are usually about as healthy as a cookie, Oat Mama bars are filled with ingredients like oats (duh), ground flaxseed for Omega 3s, brewer’s yeast for essential B vitamins, nuts for healthy fats, and various seeds. They’re all wrapped up in four tasty flavors like Chocolate Almond Coconut and Pumpkin Pecan.

The idea is that the ingredients work together to increase milk supply naturally, as in without Metoclopramide, the drug used in Reglan for lactation support. I’ve even indulged in a few bars myself and my bra has stayed dry.

TMI? Hey, we’re all friends here.


Oat Mama lactation granola bars: Superfoods to feed you and your baby

Healthy, milk production-boosting ingredients in Oat Mama's lactation granola bars.

I really would recommend them to all adults in need of a healthier snack and a little help with stress, since they can  help stave off anemia and boost your feel-good hormones to keep you relaxed. Plus, the balance of ingredients is designed to stabilize your blood sugar and prevent those afternoon crashes.

Let’s leave that to the babies.

That said, Oat Mama, please keep the word lactation on your packaging: It may be the only thing keeping my husband from eating my stash.

You can find Oat Mama Lactation granola bars at their website. If you’re a new mom, they’re a great quick breakfast or snack. They also make a tasty add-on to a baby shower gift or baby mama Christmas stocking this year. Thanks to the company for sending us a few for review. Feel free to send more. Ha.