Of all the holidays, I always seem to need the most help finding cool St. Patrick’s Day recipes, because no thank you to recipe after recipe of artificially dyed green food. (And can we all agree that green doesn’t work for every dish?) Also, while I love shepherd’s pie, hearty stews, and Irish soda bread, I’m thinking they’re not likely to get made on a weeknight. So instead, we’ve got fun, easy, and even natural dye-free green St. Patrick’s Day recipes that you can whip up at the last minute.

Yes, there are a few baked goods in the mix, but nothing that you can’t make using cake mix or store-bought shortcuts. So go ahead and make every meal of the day lucky this St. Patrick’s Day. It’s so easy it’ll almost feel like magic.

Top: Drunken Shamrock Shake at BuzzFeed | Slow Cooker Corned Beef & Cabbage | Rainbow Pancakes at Oh Joy!

St. Patrick’s Day Meals: Breakfast, School Lunch, and Dinner

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St. Patrick’s Day Snacks

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St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

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St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

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