You know us: The only thing that we love more than food is a great homemade gift. Put the two together and you get a homemade food gift that is made with the hands, comes from the heart, and fills the belly. There is no better combination, especially when little hands help in the making. This year, to celebrate mom, we found 10 sweet homemade food gifts for Mother’s Day, from crafty DIY kitchen projects to easy indulgences, that are sure to make the mamas in your life feel loved—and full.

Top: Cranberry and Pistachio Nougat with Rose Water at Cooking Melangery |  Typography Macarons at The Proper Blog | White Chocolate Fennel Truffles at Food52

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A pretty, sweet food gift for Mother's Day: Spring Flower Lollipops | Sprinkle Bakes

Homemade Spring Flower Lollipops | Sprinkle Bakes

These gorgeous homemade Spring Flower Lollipops that we found last year remain a favorite of all of ours. Totally beautiful and relatively easy to make as a homemade food gift for Mother’s Day — as long as you have these hard candy molds.

If you find yourself with extra edible flowers, put them to good use in one of these lovely brunch cocktails for your Mother’s Day celebration.


Turn ordinary chocolate bark into the perfect food gift for Mother's Day with this recipe for Color Blocked Chocolate Bark with edible flower sprinkles | Paper & Stitch

Can you tell we’re feeling edible flowers these days? Here’s another gorgeous way to put them to good use: Color Blocked Chocolate Bark with Edible Flower Sprinkles at Paper & Stitch. Chocolate doesn’t get any more beautiful than this. Such a perfect gift!


A delicious food gift for Mother's Day if you're treating a gourmand: White Chocolate Fennel Truffles | Food52

If a mom in your life loves chocolate and is gourmand, this homemade White Chocolate Fennel Truffle recipe for Mother’s Day at Food52 is a good option. The combination of sweet and seasonal savory will impress, even before she takes a bite.


A simple, but perfect food gift for Mother's Day: Chocolate Covered Almonds | Creme de la Crumb

Chocolate Almond Clusters | Creme de la Crumb

One more chocolate option in the homemade food gifts for Mother’s Day realm, because, chocolate. The Chocolate Almond Clusters that recommended as a fabulous homemade holiday gift is perfect for Mother’s Day too. They’re gorgeous, simple, and the best possible combination: rich dark chocolate, toasted almonds, and crunchy sea salt. If you ask me, these are not complete as a gift without the recipe, too, since any mom will surely want to make them again. . . and again.

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These DIY Tea Sachets at Martha Stewart are the perfect craft / food gift for Mother's Day, especially paired with a pretty mug!

This DIY Tea Sachets and Gift Box at Martha Stewart is more of a crafty DIY than a cooking project, but it’s oh-so-perfect for any mama who loves a good cup of tea. This thoughtful package hardly needs anything more, but if you want to pair it with a special store-bought gift, splurge on really great tea—we love Par Avion tea because it’s delicious and they give a portion of their proceeds to girls’ education—and grab a terrific mug for mom, too.


Write "love," "#1," and "mom" to turn these pretty Typography Macarons into a food gift for Mother's Day | The Proper Blog

I love these super pretty handmade Typography Macarons, which come complete with a great recipe at The Proper Blog, for homemade macarons. But, you know what? This will make just as great a gift even if you write on store-bought macarons. (Plus, no risk of baking fails.). Instead of hi and yum, write sweet words for mom like #1, mama, love, best and, our favorite, cool.

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A pretty food gift for Mother's Day that gives mom a treat to have around whenever she needs a sweet nibble: Cranberry & Pistachio Nougat with Rosewater | Cooking Melangery

As a Greek with a penchant for Middle Eastern food, I find nougat is the perfect treat to have on hand when you need a nibble of something sweet. This Cranberry and Pistachio Nougat with Rose Water at Cooking Melangery is especially beautiful for Mother’s Day—and really, for all of spring—with a gorgeous light pink color and mild floral flavor. Delicious.


If your mom prefers savory to sweet, turn goat cheese into a lovely food gift for Mother's Day with this recipe for marinated goat cheese | Country Living

Most homemade food gifts are sweets, but some of us would choose cheese over a sugary treat any day. (Ahem.) If a mama in your life feels the same, skip a super expensive splurge cheese and buy a quality, but well priced goat cheese instead. Then use it in this recipe for Marinated Goat Cheese at Country Living. Pack it up simply and present with a great box of cheese crackers or a crusty loaf of bread from the best bakery in town. I can think of no better easy, homemade savory food gift for Mother’s Day.

Tell mom shes

Of course our friends at Handmade Charlotte have a hilariously perfect homemade food gift for Mother’s Day. This “Mom’s the Bomb” Mother’s Day Cake is too much fun. And, hello, old school homemade vanilla cake with chocolate icing. Even if it doesn’t come out “gorgeous” in the traditional sense, we think it will totally make her day.