At the top of my current list of completely unnecessary splurges that would be really, really fun to have is the Roccbox portable stone pizza oven. This portable, propane-powered brick oven can be set up in a semi-permanent spot on your back patio or packed up to take along on your next camping trip. And then you can make gourmet-style pizzas al fresco.

So, yes, I’m pretty much sold. And that was before I read that it takes just 90 second to make a 12-inch pie. Whoa!

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The Roccbox portable pizza oven in lime green -- we really want one. | Cool Mom Eats

The complete Roccbox set, so you can make brick-oven pizzas without the brick oven. | Cool Mom Eats

When the days start to get longer and the weather warms up, I find myself wanting to cook outside every night. But, before long, hamburgers and meat off the grill get old. That’s why I think the Roccbox is so great: You can switch up your routine and still be outside to cook. You can use it to make handmade pizzas, roast veggies in a cast iron pan, and even caramelize steak in it, which, let’s be honest, might even be better than a straight grilled steak.

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Take your oven, and your baking, outside with the portable Roccbox pizza oven. | Cool Mom Eats

You can make delicious wood-fired pizzas on your back porch, without a brick oven, with the new Roccbox on Indiegogo. | Cool Mom Eats

If you’re a purist who hates the idea of cooking with propane, you’re in luck. Roccbox has an attachment (which is included with your purchase) that allows you to cook with wood instead of gas for that delicious, smoky flavor. Can this get any better?

No, it can’t, but it also doesn’t come cheap. At $499 on sale, I wasn’t kidding when I said that this is a completely not essential splurge that would be really, really fun to have.

That said, if you love to cook, especially outdoors, and have the extra cash, this has a lot of uses and can go with you wherever you cook all summer long, quite possibly making it worth the hefty price tag.

You can order your own Roccbox portable stone pizza oven on Amazon now, after their insanely successful Indiegogo campaign. Everyone we know who owns one, raves.