I’m not a huge internet junkie (I don’t even like cat videos), but ever since my husband created his “Berry Banana-Pillar” for my daughters, I’ve become a total sucker for food art for kids. Not only is it cute (and, yes, even those of us who aren’t into cat videos appreciate cute things), it can also help motivate a picky eater to eat. Who’s going to argue with that?

The only problem is that most food art is insanely intricate and way above my pay grade or, uh, skill level. That’s why I’ve collected nine fairly simple ways to get creative with your kid’s food that do not require special candies, icing, or other special tools. Or even much ability. So go ahead and play with your food after all.

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Made with waffles, berries and yogurt, the Berry Waffle Ice Cream Cone at Driscoll’s (top) has captured my heart. Adorable, healthy, and pretty easy to execute, this might be my favorite food art for kids ever. I mean, second favorite, after the Banana-Pillar, of course.


Get your little ones excited about breakfast with Wise Owl Fruity Toast–a very doable food art for kids. | Daisies and Pie

Hoot, hoot, too cute! The Wise Owl Fruity Toast at Daisies and Pie is made with everyday breakfast ingredients that combine fruit, protein, and if you use a whole wheat English muffin, whole grains too. This is definitely going in the husband-challenge pile. Though even I might be able to pull this one off!


The sweetest food art for kids: a Pancake Bear made simply of strawberries and pancakes. | Little Inspiration

Breakfast seems to be prime time for playful meals, and the Pancake Bear at Little Inspiration is such a sweet example. Angie offers an easy tutorial for constructing this little bear, which would make a great surprise for a birthday or other special occasion.

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Turn a typical sandwich lunch into food art for kids, like this super creative Fall Lunch. | Meet The Dubiens

Jill Dubiens is among my favorite food artists because she makes genius creations out of simple, everyday ingredients, and this Fall Lunch food art is proof. Jill shares her secret for this edible masterpiece in just two steps. I love it for the first day of fall—or maybe the first Saturday of fall.

Transform cucumbers, sandwich and pretzels into food art for kids–the Owl and Tree lunch is guaranteed to make them smile! | Meet The Dubiens

See, I told you that Jill is a genius! Owl and Tree at Meet The Dubiens swaps out commonly used fruit to create art out of an everyday sandwich and veggies. Break out your camera for this one, because it will surely bring a smile to your little one’s face.


Silly and playful, the Sheep Fruit Snack is a great way to make food art for kids. | Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Baa baa grape sheep, have you any. . . bananas? The Sheep Fruit Snack at Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons requires only one marshmallow and two raisins along with a handful of healthy bananas and grapes. There’s nothing boring about this afternoon snack.


The ultimate food art for kids who love dinosaurs: Ida Frosk's Peanut Butter Dinos! | The Stir

Ida Frosk is another food art mastermind. I’m obsessed with her Peanut Butter Dinos, though that kiwi grass may be beyond me. This is too cool not to include, though, and probably easy enough for some of you crafty mamas and papas.


Food art for kids isn't just for fun. This Butterfly Snack is a creative way to serve your kids a nutritious snack. | Meal Planning Mommies

This Butterfly Snack at Meal Planning Mommies will get eaten lickety-split. Made with carrots, raisins, apples, and pretzels, this pretty much makes a perfect toddler snack.

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Animal pancakes for your little animals! This fun food art for kids can turn breakfast into the best of the part of the day. | Betty Crocker

Leave it to Betty Crocker to come up with all sorts of creative food art for kids. You’ll need a few chocolate chips on hand for these Animal Pancakes, but I doubt that will displease anyone–grown-ups included.