My daughter is at that magical age when she wants to take part in every possible Christmas tradition. Before bed the other night, she asked me what we were going to leave for Santa in case he arrives hungry (“that’s what they do on TV, Mommy”). Having not done anything last year, I decided to come up with some easy, last-minute treats for Santa that are still totally possible to throw together, from super indulgent to a couple of healthy and allergy-friendly options.

And the best part is that these Santa snacks make plenty of leftovers for you and your little elves. Because, you know, you give away most of what you make to the big guy. Ahem.

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It wouldn’t be Christmas without leaving a classic cookie like the Peanut Butter Blossoms at Dessert Now Dinner Later (above) for Santa. Soft, peanut butter-y, and sealed with a kiss; there’s no better match for a glass of milk. Plus, these are about as easy to make as cookies get.


Break out some treats for Santa without even turning the oven on, starting with these Thin Mint Oreo Cups. | Chelsea Messy Apron

If your Santa has a serious chocolate tooth, the rich Thin Mint Oreo Cups at Chelsea Messy Apron will make him one jolly Saint Nick. You can whip up these three-ingredient treats without even having to turn on the oven.


Santa needs to eat healthy too! The Fruit Grinch Skewers make a fun, last minute treat for Santa. | Clean and Scentsible

Just in case Santa is on Whole30 this year, let’s keep him on track with the nutritious and adorable Fruit Grinch Skewers at Clean and Scentsible. This easy-to-assemble snack also makes a fun project for antsy kids.


Last minute treats for Santa, like these Santa Hat Brownies, can be made with homemade or store-bought brownies. | Daisy’s World

Clearly I can’t resist a Santa Hat treat, especially one as effortless as the Santa Hat Brownies at Daisy’s World. These can easily be made with your favorite homemade or store-bought brownies and frosting. Make extras if you’ve got family coming over on Christmas day.

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Snowball cookies are a great option for gluten-free, vegan treats for Santa. | The Pretty Bee

If you’re worried that Santa has food sensitivities, try these easy vegan, gluten- and nut-free Snowball Cookies at The Pretty Bee. Kelly includes a lot of helpful tips if some of the ingredients called for are new to you.


Santa Snack Mix–made with pretzels, popcorn and chocolate–is one of our favorite treats for Santa. | Mom Endeavors

Santa’s Snack Mix at Mom Endeavors is the perfect salty-sweet treat. The combination of pretzels, nuts, and chocolate is addictive, so be prepared to lick the bowl clean. This recipe makes a lot, which makes it a great last minute homemade food gift option too.


Veggie treats for Santa don't have to be boring. A marker can help turn these Christmas Party Cups into a festive, healthy snack. | My Mommy Style

All of the DIY Christmas Party Cups at My Mommy Style are clever and surprisingly doable, but I’m especially crushing on the Santa Cups made with peppers, tomatoes, and ranch dressing. If you’ve got cups and a black marker, you and the kids can make these healthy treats for Santa faster than a reindeer flies.

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Easy Chocolate Caramel Pretzels make excellent treats for Santa–and all his helpers. | Crunchy Creamy Sweet

If you want Santa’s eyes to twinkle, put out a bowl of these super Easy Chocolate Caramel Pretzels at Crunchy Creamy Sweet. There’s a video, but lookout for the link that will take you to a printable version of the recipe. Then, yum.


Last minute treats for Santa can be as easy as a pour. Leave out a glass of small-batch bourbon, like this delicious one from Michter's to make sure Santa is happy. | Michter's

If you’re the one who heads to bed early, it might be nice to leave a warming surprise for your Santa. A little pick-me-up, like this excellent small-batch Michter’s Bourbon, might be just the thing on Santa’s wish list. And if you’re not heading to bed early, well, grab another glass.