To me, nothing says Valentine’s Day like a heart-shaped box of chocolate, or some other heart-shaped sweet treat. It’s what I love to receive (ahem) and also what I love to give my family. The only problem is that my oldest daughter has peanut and tree-nut allergies, so picking up a box of safe chocolates at my local store isn’t always an option. Not so sweet.

Thankfully, I’ve found five allergy-friendly Valentine’s Day candy gifts that you can purchase online (and actually, one can be found at your local store too) made with delicious, allergen-free ingredients so that you can give everyone a sweet gift without worries.

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Before we get to the sweets: On occasion, the list of ingredients in a food product or that are manufactured at a facility can change, so please make sure to check the website and/or packaging carefully each time you make a purchase to be sure that it’s safe for your kids.

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Delicious and Allergy-friendly Valentine's Day chocolate from Vermont Nut Free Chocolate.

Vermont Nut Free

Vermont Nut Free makes excellent chocolates in a peanut- and tree-nut-free facility. For Valentine’s Day, they offer a large selection of holiday sweets including jelly beans, lollipops, chocolate drops, and even heart-shaped boxes filled with truffles. This is a favorite Valentine’s Day gift for my kids, because who doesn’t love a big ol’ traditional heart-shaped box of chocolate? No one, that’s who.

Delicious and Allergy-friendly Valentine's Day chocolate from Tootsie Roll!

Tootsie Valentine’s Day Bunch Pops

Everything made by the Tootsie Roll company is peanut-, tree-nut-, and gluten-free, which means that there are so many candies to choose from. This bunch of Tootsie Roll pops wrapped like a bouquet of flowers just for Valentine’s Day is a favorite. I’m sure that your kids will love it too. Plus, you can pick these up at your local store.


No Whey Foods

Double Hearts chocolate lollipops from No Whey Foods are a great allergy-friendly Valentine's Day treat.
No Whey Foods offers these really cute Double Heart Chocolate Lollipops that are made with all-natural ingredients and are free of the eight most common food allergens — including gluten and sesame — making them a great choice for all kids and a sweet way to show some love.

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Divvies Hearts For You is a sweet allergy-friendly Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie and you.


Divvies makes gourmet nut-free and vegan treats, including seasonal Valentine’s Day chocolates like chocolate hearts. I love the Hearts For You set, which comes with three hearts — two for your sweetie and one for you, because parents need some love too.
Heart-shaped fruit chews from Gimbal's Fine candies is a great allergy-friendly Valentine's Day candy treat.

Gimbal’s Cherry Lovers Candies

Gimbal’s Fine Candies are not only free of peanuts, tree-nuts, gluten, dairy, soy, and egg, but they are kosher too! They are also free of high fructose corn syrup, which is better for everyone. Kids will love their heart-shaped Cherry Lovers fruit chew candies, made with nine juicy cherry flavor combinations. Yum.