Starbucks is giving all the spring feels with their latest secret Starbucks menu item, which has (of course) become an Instagram trend started by @DailyFoodFeed (pictured). Two-tone ombre deliciousness, the Matcha Pink Drink is a combination of their regular pink drink, aka the Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk, and matcha coconut milk layered on the rocks. And apparently, it’s delicious.

I tried the pink drink this summer and thought that it was pretty good, so I can see how this new combination would work well. It certainly sounds tasty enough to give it a try. If you agree, check in at PopSugar to learn exactly how to order your Matcha Pink Drink. Just don’t fret if it comes out wrong (i.e., all one funky shade of green), because apparently that happens too.

If unattractiveness is not an option, because hello Instagram, you might have to micromanage the process: Apparently the ombre effect relies on your barista mixing the matcha drink first and pouring the pink drink over the top. Just saying.