Reducing refined sugar in your family’s diet can be tricky, which is why Nature Nate’s is committed to producing raw and unfiltered honey that provides parents with a natural way to sweeten meal time.

In other words, it’s honey made by bees…not by people.

Unlike most supermarket honey, which has been pasteurized and kills off good stuff like enzymes and pollens, at Nature Nate’s, honey is bottled raw and unfiltered, which helps bring families all the health benefits.


Nature Nate's raw and unfiltered honey now comes in individual serving snack packs | Cool Mom Eats

And now, with the new Nature Nate’s Honey Packets, parents can easily stash one in a bag, pack in a lunchbox, or even pop a few in an Easter basket for a perfectly sized, on-the-go portion of sweetness whenever it’s needed.

Or stick with the bottles for so many ways to sweeten mealtime naturally. Drizzle honey over oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast; add to a smoothie at snack time; or use it to top seed butter sandwiches deliciously.

Kids will not complain.

This has been a sponsored message from Nature Nate’s. To learn more, find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course, on their website where you can purchase Nature Nate’s raw, natural unfiltered honey directly. We’d also love to thank Nature Nate’s for sponsoring this week’s Kitchen Help Live, our weekly Facebook Live broadcast.

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