Apparently, we’re calling it quits on unicorn frappuccinos and mermaid lemonade. Goth food is the new, dark trend taking over our favorite foodie Instagram feeds. From London to Seoul and ice cream to macarons, chic food is going black.

I doubt I’ll get around to trying goth treats on my own — I leave those shenanigans to our editor, Stacie, who is always trying crazy new foods and posting all about it on the @CoolMomEats Instagram feed or in Stories — but I’ll happily scroll through to see trendy treats (and other gorgeous food and travel shots) on these cool Instagram accounts while I’m hiding in the bathroom from my kids. And you should too. It’s pretty fun!

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We first noticed the goth food trend with the almond charcoal ice cream from LA’s Little Damage Ice Cream Shop  (top), captured beautifully by food and travel Instagrammer @helloitsroxie. And the floodgates opened.


Goth food trend: Goth lattes | photo by @msampford

Maraka Sampford introduced us to goth lattes, via this gorgeous shot of her charcoal detox latte at Damson & Co in Soho, London. The activated charcoal is said to act like a magnet for toxins, flushing out your digestive system. But there’s some debate about whether these lattes are actually worth the spendy price tag.


Goth food trend: Oreo Espresso macarons | Photo by @iamzzong

Macarons tend to come in rich, pigmented colors, so they work well with this trend. I especially love these Oreo espresso macarons from Sukjong Macaron Atelier in South Korea we found at @iamzzong’s Instagram feed. Yum!


Goth food trend: Black Korean hot dogs | Photo by @sophiepride

At a street food festival in Leipzig, Germany, @sophiepride found these all black Korean hot dogs. We’re not quite sure what makes the sausage and bun so dark, but kimchi on top sounds good to me.

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Goth food trend: Black Croissants in China | Photo at @audrey_yiting

Lifestyle blogger @audrey_yiting found these Black Croissants at the Pullman Wuxi New Lake hotel in China. And, no, they’re not burned. Recipes call for anything from squid ink to black sesame to get that black color. Whoa.


Goth food trend: Charcoal lemonade at Pressed Juicery

I like my lemonade tart and sweet, so I’m not sure how well a glass of lavender, honey, and activated charcoal lemonade at Pressed Juicery would go down, you know, metaphorically speaking since it’s meant to stimulate your digestive system and eliminate toxins. At almost $10 a bottle, though, I hope it really works.


Goth food trend: Black Waffles | Photo by @tyevanj

I’m not sure what gives these Black Waffles captured by @tyevanj in Melbourne, Australia, such a dark color, but they’re gorgeous, aren’t they?


Goth food trend: Oreo sea salt cupcakes | Photo by @audrey_yiting

Don’t let the goth Oreo Sea Salt cupcakes from Dierdra Kitchen in Shanghai, shot by @audrey_yiting, fool you. They’re dark on the outside, but so sweet inside. Like our dark, goth souls. (Ha!)