Is it just mine, or do all kids get excited when I’m topping a cracker for snacktime? Whether it’s a Triscuit or graham cracker, my kids love the idea of an edible canvas — and the more colors, the better.

So if you want to get out of a sugary snack time rut like we often do, I’ve got 24 creative ways to top crackers for kids, including plenty of dairy-free and gluten-free options. All of these ideas are no-cook, easy prep, and friendly for all ages.

In fact, make extra for yourself.

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Easy snack ideas for kids! Fruit & Cracker Pizzas are a fun way to top crackers for kids | Sunshine and Hurricanes

1. Easy Fruit and Cracker Pizzas at Sunshine and Hurricanes: What a clever idea! Visit her site for inspiration, to see what fruits she uses to make each one fun. (And any crackers at all would be great if you’re not a Ritz fan.)

2. Cheddar cheese + sliced apple or grapes

3. Cheese + salsa

4. Cream cheese + jam or preserves

5. Greek yogurt + dried or fresh fruit

6. Ricotta + honey (I love freshly ground black pepper on mine but kids may not)

7. Cucumber + avocado

8. Mozzarella + tomato

9. Mozzarella + pesto + roasted red pepper

10. Mashed chickpeas + olive oil + feta

11. Sour cream + smoked salmon + cucumber

12. Goat cheese or cream cheese + pickle

13. Leftover chicken, tuna, or egg salad

Dairy- and gluten-free cracker toppers

Even if you’re not dairy-free or gluten-free, these are all delicious options for kids and adults.

14. Nut butter + fruit (grapes, raisins, berries, bananas)

15. Nut butter + maple syrup

16. Hummus + olives or cherry tomatoes

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17. Hummus + shredded carrots or bell peppers

18. Edamame hummus

19. Avocado + mango + salsa

20. Avocado + halved cherry tomatoes

21. Sliced hard-boiled egg + dash of extra virgin olive oil (I add a few capers or fresh dill on mine)

22. Olive tapenade (or any tapenade really)

23. Guacamole

24. Nutella + banana
(Okay so this one is sweet. But you all know we can never resist Nutella, right?)

As for the crackers, if you’re looking for great gluten-free crackers, I learned about  Mary’s Gone Crackers from the wonderful Gluten-Free Girl, Shauna James. For even more gluten-free cracker suggestions, GFF Magazine  is a great resource too.