If those Fourth of July picnic plans have snuck up on you (um, guilty!), don’t fret. I’ve found nine delicious and super easy last-minute Fourth of July treats you can whip up in no time. You may not even need to run to the market for ingredients. These desserts require minimal cooking time — if any at all — and instead rely on color and creative plating to give that festive feel.

Hey, they may even win you the blue ribbon at your community picnic. Or at least have your neighbors talking about your mad skills in the kitchen.

Top: Candy Kebabs | Photo by Don Diaz for Super Make It

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Last minute Fourth of July treats: Watermelon Layer Cake at Wife Mama Foodie

Grab watermelon, cut, and layer. That’s all it takes to pull off this amazing Watermelon Layer Cake at Wife Mama Foodie. So clever, right? And don’t miss Joscelyn’s tips for how to easily get perfectly round slices of watermelon. So smart!


Last minute Fourth of July treats: Red, White, and Blue trifles at Fox and Briar

These Red, White, and Blue Trifles at Fox-and-Briar won’t last long at your picnic, because yum. If you’re in a pinch, you can use store-bought ingredients, but pay attention to the one thing Meghan says she will not cheat on. Also, we’d serve these in clear plastic cups to make life even easier.


Last-minute Fourth of July treats: Sour Cream cheesecake with berries at Cultured Palate

I love this recipe for light and creamy Sour Cream Cheesecake at Cultured Palate — which is so much easier than you might think. Add some berries on top for a fun Fourth of July treatment.

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Last minute Fourth of July treats: Candy Kebabs at Super Make It

You could spend time making these Candy Kebabs at Super Make It ahead, or just set out the supplies and let the kids (and adults — I don’t judge) make their own. So festive!


Last minute Fourth of July treats: American Flag Kebabs at Amanda's Cookin'

When you have a lot of heavy dishes on your menu — we’re looking at you mac & cheese and BBQ — it’s nice to have a light, refreshing dessert. These American Flag Kebabs at Amanda’s Cookin’ fit that bill perfectly. Don’t miss the dip recipes, too, which take these kebabs to the next level.


Last minute Fourth of July treats: Stuffed Strawberries at Paula's Plate

I have a feeling I’ll be slapping hands away from these Stuffed Strawberries at Paula’s Plate all night long, because my son will be gobbling them up by the handful. On second thought, I’ll let him have at it since these are actually pretty healthy. Because nope, that’s not whipped cream in there.


Last minute Fourth of July treats: Jell-O Cups at The Seasoned Mom

It really doesn’t get easier than these Jell-O Cups at The Seasoned Mom. It’s beyond minimal effort, but my kids will totally freak out over this one. If you want more ideas like this, follow the link for more spectacularly easy 4th of July recipes.

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Last minute Fourth of July treats: Red, White, and Blue Berry Good Cake at Gluten Free Canteen

How pretty is this Red, White, and Blue Berry Good Cake at Gluten Free Canteen? Also, it’s sneaky simple. Her recipe is, obviously, gluten free, but you can also make it with store-bought ingredients for a last-minute dessert that looks really impressive.


Last minute Fourth of July treats: Patriotic Fruit Tray at Mom Advice

Can you lay fruit on a tray? Then you can make this 4th of July Fruit Tray at Mom Advice that is totally in the spirit of the day — simple, relaxed, and all about the USA. Click through to find out where she gets her yogurt-covered gluten-free pretzels, though. Because, yum for everyone.

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