Pizza ranks among the top favorite kid foods, but plain slices served cold in a lunchbox? It’s just not the same. Luckily, I’ve found six creative, easy pizza recipes that pack well, stay fresh, and appeal to even the pickiest palettes.

You’ll want to keep these pizza recipes on hand for when lunchbox inspiration escapes you — or anytime wicked pizza cravings descend upon the household.

Or is that just in my house?

Top: Skinny Matzo Pizzas at Skinny Taste

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Lunchbox pizza recipes: Grilled Pizza Roll Ups | Weelicious

Catherine at Weelicious combines the best parts of grilled cheese sandwiches with the best parts of pizza to make the ultimate kid food: Grilled Pizza Roll Ups. Filled with cheesy goodness, these are destined to be the envy of the cafeteria.


Lunchbox pizza recipes: 3-Ingredient Pepperoni Pizza Sticks | One Hungry Mama

The golden brown finish on these 3-Ingredient Pepperoni Pizza Sticks at One Hungry Mama has me craving them in a big way. And thanks to our own editor, Stacie, busy parents can whip them up quickly with only three ingredients. Yes, please!


Lunchbox pizza recipes: Skinny Passover Matzo Pizza | Skinny Taste

I love that these Skinny Passover Matzo Pizzas at Skinny Taste (above & top) keep it unleavened and Passover-friendly while delivering classic Italian taste, partly thanks to that fresh basil. Avoid the yeast and sogginess of leftover pizza with this brilliant workaround.

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Lunchbox pizza recipes: Pizza Pockets | Emily's Bites

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: Puff pastry is the ultimate store-bought shortcut. The frozen dough in these Pizza Pockets at Emily’s Bites lends its buttery, flaky texture to traditional pizza ingredients in service of a fantastic school lunch. But, honestly, I’d munch on these for my own lunch any day of the week.


Lunchbox pizza recipes: Pizza Dippers | Ready Set Eat

As you may know, we’re all about no-cook meals and no-bake recipes in the summertime, but we’re happy to keep our ovens off in the cooler seasons, too, if it means less work. So I’m digging these Pizza Dippers at Ready Set Eat that kids might even be able to make themselves. So smart.


Lunchbox pizza recipes: Homemade Pizza Lunchables | My Mommy Style

I ate my fair share of Lunchables as a kid, but these days I’m a little skeptical about the ingredients list for this popular, assemble-yourself lunch. If you want to borrow the fun factor but skip the preservatives, try these Homemade Pizza Lunchables at My Mommy Style instead.