If you’ve ever needed an excuse to whip up a batch of black bottom cupcakes or banana chocolate chip loaf, we have it for you: This month, share a picture of one of these delicious recipes that you make at home on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #BakeItHappen and you will automatically help raise money for breast cancer research.

Yup, that’s really it. The Bake It Happen campaign, which honors the legacy of Judy Levin, a mom, home cook and baker who lost her battle with metastatic breast cancer, will donate 100% of the money raised to The Cancer Couch Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to funding research for metastatic breast cancer.

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Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, you don’t have to donate any money yourself — though if giving to cancer research is one of your philanthropic priorities or you just don’t want to bake, you can give directly to The Cancer Couch Foundation. Otherwise, it’s simply the cost of ingredients and hopping onto social to share either your Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf, Pumpkin Oatmeal Chip Cookies, Black Bottom Cupcakes, or Compost Cookies — all Judy’s original recipes.

The details…

Thanks to the Bake It Happen campaign, you can share a pic of anything you bake in Oct on Facebook or Instagram and help raise money for breast cancer research | Cool Mom Eats (photo by Holly Berfield for Bake It Happen)

If you’re sharing on Facebook, be sure to tag @ubakeithappen, and if you’re sharing on Instagram, tag @bakeithappen00. In both cases, you’ll also want to use the hashtag #BakeItHappen. And if you’re not into social media, well, no worries: You can still participate by emailing your pic to ubakeithappen@gmail.com. So no excuses!

It doesn’t have to be fancy or even look amazing. Just make it taste good — for you — because the calories are worth it this time.


Bake It Happen was first introduced by one of Judy’s daughters, Shari, on her blog. Shared by her following and fellow bloggers, thousands of supporters began to pass on Judy’s culinary legacy and hope for a cure. Now, in its fifth year, the campaign has raised over $60,000 for breast cancer research and has even brought on fantastic sponsors including Taste Buds Kitchen, which has also offered to donate a portion of the proceeds of a special Bake It Happen class for kids. Be sure to check if a location near is hosting one. 

Photo: Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf by Holly Berfield for Bake It Happen