What can I say, we’re suckers for personalized gifts. (I still want nearly everything on this year’s cool personalized holiday gifts list.) So I was thrilled to recently discover Words with Boards, a source for personalized cutting boards and, it turns out, so much more.

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Words with Boards personalized cutting boards: Get creative! Such a fun gift for your favorite kitchen enthusiast, a wedding, or maybe just yourself. Love! | Cool Mom Eats

All of the products from Words with Boards — cutting boards, Lazy Susans, trivets, and wine racks — are hand-crafted according to your specifications from sustainably forested American hardwoods and hand-dipped in food-grade mineral oil to ensure their longevity. And, for the cutting boards, there are quite a number of options. From the shape of the cutting board, to the placement of the personalization, to the typeface, and whether or not you’d also like a graphical element, these products can be highly customized.

And highly customized you should make them. Get creative! I mean, can you deal with that Queen Bee cutting board? I want it now.

There are even boards that can be marked koshergluten-free, or vegan to help ensure that they remain safely dedicated for anyone on a strict diet. Whoa.

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Words with Boards: We're loving their fantastic personalized cutting boards. So many great ways to customize a fantastic gift | Cool Mom Eats

Words with Boards: We're loving their fantastic personalized cutting boards. So many great ways to customize a fantastic gift | Cool Mom Eats

Words with Boards: Adorable wooden trivets come in so many neat designs to choose from | Cool Mom Eats

While the cutting boards, Lazy Susans, and wine racks can be personalized with words (i.e, names), the wooden trivets have graphics already cut out, from a pineapple to an anchor and pretty much everything in between. Personally, I love the state trivets, especially for someone whose kitchen may be far from their original home. They still make a lovely gift, though not with someone’s name on it.

These high-quality, butcher block boards don’t come at a small price. The least expensive option is a small area code board or monogram board (that fits just three letters or numbers; a cute idea, but not a lot to play with) that costs $49. The trivets cost about the same. The rest of the cutting boards will run you anywhere from $114-169. The Lazy Susans are even pricier, with the most expensive (and totally beautiful) walnut running a cool $214. The wine racks all fall in about the same price range.

That said, if you’re close to a cooking enthusiast who you like to spoil, have an upcoming wedding, or just like the idea of treating yourself to a new piece of kitchen loveliness every once and a while, Words with Boards is definitely worth a peek. In fact, I’ll be bookmarking this site in my gift shopping folder, because I have a feeling a personalized purchase is in my future. The question is: Will it be for someone else… or for me.