Can you believe we’re already looking at the end of the school year? I need to get on these teacher appreciation food gift ideas, pronto, especially since my own kids in the Nashville area get out in just 3 weeks, GAH!

Whether shopping for Teacher Appreciation Week (this week!) or an end-of-year teacher gift, I love to find thoughtful gift ideas for teachers that are affordable, but still communicate just how much I appreciate the way they’ve cared for my kids. That’s why my go-to is usually a homemade food gift, with a thoughtful note attached.

I think these 11 teacher appreciation food gift ideas are all terrific. Because, a teacher may have their share of mugs, but who doesn’t love to eat?

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Teacher appreciation food gift ideas: Coffee gift card printable at Bitz and Giggles

A coffee gift card, because coffee
For a teacher appreciation food gift idea, cannot ever go wrong with a coffee gift card to a favorite local spot near school, and this latte gift card holder from Eighteen25 was one of our favorites in roundup of cool printable gift cards for teachers and still is! Teachers will love it too–whether they’re more of a black coffee or unicorn frappuccino type.
(Free printable, Eighteen25)

Teacher appreciation food gift idea: Wine bottle printable at Make and Do Crew

A summer-y bottle of wine
If you think your kid’s teacher would enjoy a bottle of rosé once the summer starts (and your school allows for it), customize one with this appreciative and uplifting wine gift label made just for teacher appreciation gifts that we first found in our roundup of easy ways to make an affordable teacher gift a little more personal. We all like the message better than the snarkier versions of “you need a drink because of my kid.” Plus, because the message is a little vague, it could work on a bottle of bourbon or fancy flavored sparkling water or gourmet summer soda too. Mmm…root beer.
(free, Make and Do Crew)

Teacher appreciation food gift idea: Candy colored pencils at Bugaboo City

DIY candy colored pencil box
One of my kids’ teachers mentioned that candy is her very favorite treat, so I’m leaning toward this clever DIY colored pencil box — filled with Twizzlers instead of pencils. How fun! The box is a free printable (note that it includes some slightly more complicated steps that I think you could probably skip) —  and you know where to find the candy.
(Free printable, Bugaboo City)

Teacher appreciation food gift idea: A cupcake in a retro lunchbox printable at Claudine Hellmuth

A cupcake in a retro lunchbox box
We’re longtime fans of Claudine Hellmuth’s gift card boxes around here, and this retro lunchbox is the best for a teacher gift. You could fill it with a single cupcake, like she recommends, or a stack of notes and gift cards from the class along with a gift card.
($4.99, Claudine Hellmuth on Etsy)

Teacher appreciation food gift idea: Custom cookies from Lovin Oven Cookies

Small box of custom “thank you” cookies
This cookie box is the just the right size — small enough for a teacher to feel absolutely no guilt eating them all themselves, and big enough that it looks expensive. (But isn’t.) Grab one for every favorite teacher on your list.
($10, Lovin Oven Cookies on Etsy)

Teacher appreciation food gift idea: large cookie box from Crows Custom Cookies

Large box of custom “thank you” cookies
If you want to give a slightly larger version of the teacher appreciation cookies, try this box of 6 teacher-themed cookies from Crows Custom Cookies. Seriously impressive.
($25, Crows Custom Cookies on Etsy)

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Teacher appreciation food gift idea: Yeti mug with custom decal from Twinflower Heights

Yeti mug with custom decal just for a teacher
We can’t live without our Yeti mugs to keep our coffee warm or our ice cold, and we imagine a teacher gets interrupted from her drink far more often than we do. So a fresh, new mug — maybe personalized with a custom name decal or this funny, “because, grading” quote — would be a much appreciated gift.
(decals $2.50+ at Twinflower Heights, Yeti Mugs $19.99-$35 at Amazon)

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Teacher appreciation food gift idea: Popcorn boxes at Simple Everyday Mom

Popcorn boxes for bus drivers, therapists, and aides
My daughter has some special needs, which means there’s a whole team of people, from bus drivers to physical therapists to teacher’s aides , all  supporting her at school. As a teacher appreciation gift idea, I like the idea of these fun popcorn boxes, complete with corny pun. (Ha! Couldn’t resist.)
(Free, Simple Everyday Mom)

Teacher appreciation food gift idea: Taco badge reel at Carolina Street + some chips and a favorite salsa

Taco ID badge holder
My kids’ teachers have to wear a badge at all times when they’re at school, and this handmade taco ID badge lanyard I found on Etsy, plus a little care package of chips + a favorite salsa, would make a fab teacher appreciation food gift idea for anyone with a sense of humor — and love of TexMex, of course. Of course a gift card for the local Chipotle or taco emporium would be fantastic too.
($7.50, Carolina Street on Etsy)

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Teacher appreciation food gift idea: Cookie jar printable at Bre Pea

Cookie jar If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
This printable gift tag is a nod to one of my favorite kids’ books of all time: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff, making it sweet for the teachers of your younger kids. You can even give your teacher the cookies, and the book to go with it for the classroom.
(free printable, Bre Pea + $12 book, Amazon)

Teacher appreciation food gift idea: Thanks for Everything card at Razors Edge Paperie

A handwritten “thanks for everything” card
Get it? Get it? Bwahh! If your teacher has been the everything spice to your bagel this year, then let her know with a note — preferably handwritten by your kid. The teachers we’ve asked say that this is their favorite thing to receive. That said, a gift card or two thrown in wouldn’t hurt — or maybe whip up your own everything bagel season blend which is great on so much beyond bagels. Now that’s something no one else in the class will get them!
($2.99, Razors Edge Paperie on Etsy)

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