I admit it I’m a bit of a Le Creuset junkie. I get excited finding a half-priced Le Creuset quiche dish the way my friends freak out over a pair of bargain stilettos. So, I’m hyperventilating a little at the release of the Le Creuset’s new Sorbet Collection, a line of affordable (and adorable) dishes, mugs, bowls, ramekins and tiny dutch ovens.

You’ll want to check out these beauties whether you’re a Le Creuset fanatic, a gift for a fellow fan (hey, Mother’s Day!)  or just looking for something to sit on your counter looking incredibly cute.

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Le Creuset‘s reputation for a keen color sense shows itself in lovely pastel shades that make it  hard deciding which set to treat yourself with.

There’s even a set of refrigerator magnets that look like miniature pots, so you can enjoy the Le Creuset aesthetic even as you’re reaching for your milk. (Or uh, late night chocolate mints stashed in the fridge?)

Best of all, the sets range in price from $20 to $80 — that’s less than you’d pay for a handle on a regular Le Creuset pot!

(Kidding. Sort of.)

Le Creuset’s affordable Sorbet Collection: Ice Cream Bowls

Le Creuset Sorbet Collection Ice Cream Bowls, Set of 4, $60.00

Le Creuset’s affordable Sorbet Collection: Mini Cocottes

Le Creuset Sorbet Collection Mini Cocottes, Set of 4, $80.00

Le Creuset’s affordable Sorbet Collection: Mugs

Le Creuset Sorbet Collection Mugs, Set of 6, $75.00
(Also available as smaller Espresso Mugs, $50.00)

Le Creuset’s affordable Sorbet Collection: Teaspoons

Le Creuset Sorbet Collection Teaspoons, Set of 6, $30.00

Le Creuset’s affordable Sorbet Collection: Magnets

Le Creuset Sorbet Collection Magnets, Set of 4, $20.00

You can find the entire Sorbet Collection by Le Creuset on their website. Get free shipping on orders $99+ plus a free herb planter with a $150 purchase. I could do that in a snap!