Consider this your public service announcement: the Royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is this Saturday. If the kids in your life are completely obsessed like some of ours, we’ve got some ideas for princess cupcakes you can make to celebrate the new couple — and all those hats — with delicious, sugary goodness.

Just remember to set your DVRs to record the wedding. Because for those of us on the east coast, we’re not going to be eating our princess cupcakes at 4AM.  As much as our kids would like that.

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Princess cupcakes: Princess cupcake crown tutorial | Cakey Goodness

Let’s start with a princess cupcake idea that’s definitely doable. If you’ve already got a favorite cupcake recipe (bake sale veterans, please stand up!) but need some help with the embellishments, check out this princess cupcake crown tutorial from Cakey Goodness. She breaks down the steps so thoroughly that even I think I can make them. Adorable!

Princess cupcakes: Gold leaf princess cupcakes | Faith Food Family Fun

These Gold Leaf Princess Cupcakes from Faith Food Family Fun scream princess to me, thanks to the edible gold leaf and pearly white baubles. So subtle and pretty! If the kids in your life are insistent on a crown of some sort on top, save yourself some hassle and buy a crown or tiara cupcake topper at a local party store, bake shop, or even Michael’s.

Princess Tiara Cupcake idea from Haniela's | Treats for watching the Royal Wedding

Thank goodness for video tutorials and templates, which help make this tiara princess torte (also at top) at Haniela’s doable. Maybe. Kinda. Okay, so she’s a pro — and her tutorial might be for fellow princess cupcake pros too — but I’m totally willing to attempt that tiara. At least if someone could point me toward some pretreated isomalt.


White chocolate tiara princess cupcakes from I Heart Baking: Genius hack to make this DIY edible cupcake topper fit for a Royal wedding!

For a simple cheat, I Heart Baking came up with a genius hack to make homemade white chocolate tiara cupcake toppers. Don’t they look gorgeous over the red velvet cupcakes? It’s still not quite Baking 101, but might be worth trying. Worst case, you get to eat your mistakes!

Princess Torte Cupcakes from Unmasked Adventures | fit for watching the Royal wedding

Fellow friends of the Great British Bake Off, please join me in nerding out over the cupcake form of the traditional Swedish Princess Torte! And yes, this technical challenge was the downfall of several bakers, so don’t expect a super easy bake for these princess torte cupcakes recipe from Unmasked Adventures. But if you and your kid like fancy eats (and perhaps the GBBO) these princess cupcakes might be worth the challenge. Mary Berry would approve.

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Pink Champagne Princess Cupcakes  from Sprinkle Bakes | A Royal Wedding treat!

While fairly adult in nature, the Pink Champagne Princess Cupcakes from Sprinkle Bakes look outrageous! Fear not, mamas — you can go non-alcoholic for the kids. She suggests using cream soda instead of champagne, which is so smart.

Princess cupcakes: British Princess Cupcakes | Maison Cupcakes

I’m dying over these oh-so British Queen Cupcakes and their attendant stuffed corgis. (Can they accompany all baked goods from now on? Please?) Sarah at Maison Cupcakes technically invented these for the Queen’s birthday, so while they’re not official princess cupcakes, I don’t think she’d mind if our kids wanted to borrow — by which I mean, eat — one in celebration of the Royal wedding.


Princess cupcakes recipe from BH&G uses cones as the base for a medieval princess crown

I’m loving the use of an ice cream cone in these super clever princess cupcakes at Better Homes and Gardens. They break up all the princess crowns with a medieval princess hat. (It’s called a hennin, should you trivia buffs want to try that one out at cocktail parties.) I like this as a kitchen craft for older kids who want to help decorate.

DIy Princess Cupcake Wrappers you can use to make cupcakes more fun | Instructions via Polka Dotted Blue Jay

Don’t worry, if you’re more of a crafter than a baker, we’ve got a cheat for you. Try this tutorial from Polka Dotted Blue Jay and make your own DIY princess cupcake wrappers. Then, just use your favorite cupcake recipe + homemade frosting. Or, store-bought works too. A princess is too gracious to judge; we’re just grateful for all the carbs.