It’s time to start thinking about your meal plan for next week. From vegetarian BBQ sliders to lighter Chicken Biryani, we’ve got five dinners that will get you through the busy week ahead. So grab a pen, make your shopping list, and stock up before the weekend’s over. And if it’s easier for you to do that from your inbox, be sure to sign up for our weekly meal plan emails.

Top: Sweet and Spicy Pulled Jackfruit Sliders | Redefined Worth
Quick and Lighter Chicken Biryani | Easy Cooking with Molly

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Cool Mom Eats weekly meal plan: Sweet and Spicy Jackfruit Sliders at Redefined Worth

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of jackfruit, especially when smothered in BBQ sauce. The combo is my secret weapon for family-friendly vegan or vegetarian meals. These Sweet and Spicy Pulled Jackfruit Sliders at Redefined Worth are the perfect #MeatlessMonday recipe for you to give my secret weapon a try in your home.


10 homemade dips and dressings that can make a meal, with a side of fresh veggies. | Cool Mom Eats

Summer weather has arrived in NYC and I’m officially on the search for quick, easy meals — and bonus if I can keep from turning on the stove. I’m loving Anne’s idea of lightening up dinner with homemade dips, which feels like a fresh (and more bathing suit friendly?) take on a meat and cheese plate for dinner.

Pile a board high with crusty bread or your favorite crackers, fresh, raw veggies, and any of the 10 dips that Anne rounded up, from mushroom and almond pate (YUM!) to smoked trout rillettes (made with Anne’s practical adjustments), quick ranch dressing to pimento cheese dip, and more. Genius.


Cool Mom Eats weekly meal plan: Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas with Peach Salsa at Feast and Fable

 Pulled Pork Carnitas with Peach Salsa | Feast and Fable 

Another way to keep the kitchen cool in hot weather? Pull out your Instant Pot or slow cooker. They’re not just for soups and stews! I love all six of these summer slow cooker and Instant Pot recipes, but have my eye on the Pulled Pork Carnitas with Peach Salsa at Feast and Fable for this week. Peaches aren’t in season quite yet, but I noticed apricots at the market and will use those instead — you know, to get me in the mood.

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Cool Mom Eats weekly meal plan: Easy and Lighter Chicken Biryani at Cooking With Molly

I love this recipe for Quick and Lighter Chicken Biryani at Easy Cooking with Molly not just because it looks delicious and is quick and lighter. I also love that by following the recipe, you can learn something new. Molly does the work of explaining exactly how she makes the recipe quicker and lighter than a traditional biryani and so you can apply her methods to other similar recipes. Perhaps you won’t, but you could, and I like that.

And did I mention that this looks delicious? And it’s quick and lighter? Ha!


Skip the hot oven this time of year. Learn how to grill pizza this summer and be your family's new hero. | Cool Mom Eats

Pizza Fridays can continue into the summer grilling season if you like — just learn how to make pizza on your grill! Luckily, Jane has you covered with our simple tutorial on how to grill pizza, which includes step-by-step instructions, tips, a no-knead pizza dough recipe if you want to make it homemade, and an easy rustic pizza sauce that’s worth the (very minimal) effort. And if you want to include the kids in the cooking fun, check out our list of 25 creative pizza toppings for the most fun DIY pizza party and let them go to town!